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(upbeat jazz music)
- Hello and welcome to "Baking Bad",
the show in which I, Jessica, girl who loves to bake,
attempts to try and convince my wife, Claudia,
who isn't such a fan,
that baking is actually really fun.
How's that working so far?
- I'm already been, complaining about it, haven't I?
I've already been like, ugh I don't even like baking.
- Genuinely haven't even started.
This episode marks that it's actually become a series.
'Cause it was a one-off, and then it was a sequel,
are we in a series now or in a trilogy?
- A trilogy.
- Oh, so if we make one more, then it's a series?
- Well, I don't think that's gonna happen.
- Should we start with the ingredients?
- Yup.
- First things first,
you're going to line this with parchment paper.
- Okay.
- Thank you wife.
Oh, here.
(paper rustling)
And again, I'm going to be using the mixer of my dreams.
- No longer your dreams, my darling.
- Oh, the mixer of my reality.
- Yup.
There we go.
- We're gonna begin with two eggs.
Break them into your mixer if you have one
with the flat paddle or, if you don't, a bowl.
- What are you scratching your arm?
Is that a part of the baking?
- What?
- Add some skin cells to your eggs.
- No, we saw a cat yesterday and I'm allergic, all right?
- Yeah, but it's not hygienic. - Stop judging me.
- You're not gonna be doing that all night.
Did you see Nigella Lawson scratching her forearm?
- I wasn't near the bowl.
Leave me alone.
(eggs cracking)
And then, let's beat on a slow speed.
- I think it needs to be plugged in.
(mixer whirring)
(upbeat jazz music)
- All right, now it's done (laughs).
- And how can we tell?
- It should all be light
and the eggs should all be mixed together.
- Okay so one homogenous color.
- Blended together, yes.
One color and it should be pale.
- This is the other thing I didn't like about baking.
Constant referencing to a recipe.
- Well, you cook with recipes.
- No, but I think that type of cooking,
you can just like kind of--
- And a dash more of this
and a bit more of that. - Yeah,
and it's a bit like, you read it and then,
also what I like is you taste it like,
whilst you're doing it.
- You can stick your finger in this egg if you like,
but it's just egg.
- Yeah exactly, there's nothing really tasty
until it's out of the oven.
- Okay, next thing we need to do is add some brown sugar.
- This one, not actual sugar?
What is this?
Sukrin. - Yeah,
it's a sugar alternative.
Oh, I forgot to say, this entire thing is low FODMAP
because I follow a FODMAP diet, it's a whole thing.
Click the video in the card above
to explain what the hell that is
because we don't have the time.
We need one cup of the light brown sugar.
That's the big one here.
- How do you know which one it is?
- Which one what?
- Well there's three cups here.
- Oh no, it's this weird thing that Americans do.
They, instead of measuring they take cups.
- Oh yeah, it says, it says one cup.
So, one cup, that's a lot, that's a lot of sugar.
Well, I mean if it was just normal sugar.
How do you make sure it doesn't fall
and come out everywhere.
- [Jessica] Be neat.
All right, okay, that'll do.
I mean, it's less than one cup,
but you're right, it does seem like a lot.
- You know bubba, you can just like, open this and lift it
so that you got more space to pour things in each time.
- I forgot.
I remember that now, now that you've told me.
I think that's partly why it does that, doesn't it?
- That is the whole reason, yes.
- The whole reason.
- All right.
(mixer whirring)
So we've done one cup of brown sugar.
- Yeah.
- Now, we do one cup on regular, granulated sugar
slash sweetener because I don't use sugar.
Then we're gonna add a cup of vegetable oil.
- Do we need an actual cup of this?
- No, that may a bit excessive.
- How much do we need?
- Well--
- Half a cup? - Two thirds.
- Well, then let's use the smaller one.
- This one is a half cup.
- Okay. - Let's do a half cup.
- Well, let's do a half cup.
- Recipe is just changing as the video goes, it's fine.
- Yeah, it's 'cause you're baking with me
and I'm just like, yes, woo!
And in it goes.
- Lovely.
- And how much oil?
- One cup of oil.
- I feel it should come too, with like, theme music.
(upbeat jazz music)
This is literally just, pumpkin.
- This, yeah, so the great thing about this,
literally just pumpkin, nothing else added.
It's great.
- It's actually quite sweet as it is.
- And we're also, we're adding flour
and we're just kind of balancing things out.
- Yeah.
- It's fine, I promise it won't be too sweet.
She doesn't have that much of a sweet tooth.
(upbeat jazz music)
- That's not the placing to stop sounds though, is it?
- I wouldn't know.
Some people are really into ASMR you know, and just.
What does it sound like?
No, stop, I don't need that, we're dealing with food.
(upbeat jazz music)
(mixer whirring)
Oh, look at it!
It's all coming together.
(upbeat jazz music)
Okay, now we have done the wet ingredients.
We move on to the dry ingredients.
- I like how you go, "Now that we have done this
and we're do this, we will do this",
I'm like, I really don't feel like I'm doing much right now.
- Would you like to switch and you can do it?
- Yeah!
- Will that make you feel more involved?
- Exactly! - All right.
Switch places.
So we have, gluten free flour.
Baking soda and baking powder.
Salt, xanthan gum, nutmeg and cinnamon.
Change the bowl for that smaller bowl.
I know, it is hard.
And change the head for the whisk, that's in that other one.
(metal clanging)
- How do you take it out?
- Okay, push up and then turn
and then, yeah.
Why is it...
We need three and a half cups
of the gluten free, plain white flour.
- This is fun.
Ugh, I don't even like baking.
- Genuinely haven't even started.
- This is fun.
- Now you need a teaspoon of the baking powder.
- You can put the teaspoon in the thing.
Whoa! - Whoa, that's...
- I'm smiling.
- [Jessica] (laughs) At least you're having fun.
- Yeah because otherwise, normally what you do is
you just bake, I just watch, and then like,
you make me eat it and then I'm like,
"Yeah, it's nice but we could've done
this whole thing without me having to be involved."
Whereas now, when we eat it and it's like good,
I can be like, proud.
Or, I can, if it's bad, I can be like,
"Yeah next time you bake", you know?
- Okay, one teaspoon of the xanthan gum.
Half a teaspoon of salt.
One teaspoon of cinnamon.
And around a quarter of a teaspoon of nutmeg.
I will accept a third.
Now, you just whisk it all together.
- Is it gonna like, fly everywhere?
- Slow speed.
(mixer whirring)
All right, do you feel like it's all blended together?
- No, I'm going to like, stir it around a bit.
(metal clanging)
And then I'll just do it once more.
(mixer whirring)
Oh, that's the wrong one.
(mixer whirring)
- Slow honey, slow.
Open it up.
(metal clangs)
- What?
- Just went everywhere (laughs).
All right, now we're gonna take the dry ingredient bowl off
and we're gonna put the wet ingredients back on
and begin adding the dry ingredients a bit at a time.
- Is that all right?
- Yeah.
Does it already taste good?
- It does actually.
There's nothing really tasty until it's out of the oven.
- Good!
- Whoa lady, I literally had it on the tip of my finger,
not my whole finger!
- All right, now, begin by adding
about a quarter of this into the wet.
All right, start slow and then gradually build up.
(mixer whirring)
(upbeat jazz music)
(music drowns out speaker)
- Yeah, it's more fun when you're the person doing it.
(upbeat jazz music)
- All right, add more of the dry.
Oh, it's already getting thicker.
(mixer whirring)
- Oh, add more!
We don't wanna over mix.
- Oh, why not?
- 'Cause then our eggs will split.
- Oh!
- It's a thing.
- Maybe if I go in this side--
- Yeah, you're less likely to tip it.
(mixer whirring)
Last bit.
(metal clanging)
(mixer whirring)
I mean, that's flour enough for another two cookies.
- That's all right, look, I will put it in.
No it's not, that's such an exaggeration.
- You just put it the other side.
Yeah, it needs to be mixed bit more.
- Oh.
- For the flour to dissolve.
- Sorry!
It was meant to be affectionate and fun.
- Yes.
- Can I lick it?
- You may lick it.
Not gonna tell me off and be like, "That's one entire puff"?
I feel a bit sick.
- We're going to use our amazing,
brand new ice cream scooper.
Scoop out some-- - I dunno if that's
gonna work very well 'cause it's a very sticky mix.
- It is very sticky.
- We can try, we can try.
- We'll try.
- All right, what me to have a go?
- Hit it.
- [Claudia] Ready?
- [Jessica] Go.
Oh, pinched my hand.
- [Claudia] Sorry!
- [Jessica] That's not bad.
So, one of us needs to fill it
and the other needs to flatten.
- All right, ready?
(paper rustling)
- Oh, it worked so well the first time.
- Oh no.
I think, maybe we just use a spoon.
- Yes.
Last time we did this, you just filmed me doing this bit,
which might be a bit faster.
- Okay.
- Oh, sorry, do you wanna do, I can film just you doing it?
- No, no.
(upbeat jazz music)
The finished product.
I gotta say, they actually do smell amazing.
- They do.
- Please.
- And I'm sure they are perfect with a cup of tea.
(bell chime)
- Or, a glass of diet coke.
- Yeah, I mean, I was trying to do
a subtle merch placement there.
- Oh yeah, this is my merch, I made this mug.
I didn't hand make it, but still,
it's mine and you can buy it from me.
- Says your name on-- - And it has a tiny me
on the back, I drew that.
You can buy it in the link below.
I'll also be linking the recipe to this.
- Cheers! - Cheers!
It's actually really good.
- They are.
They're like, I was expecting them
to be a bit more cookieish 'cause you said
it was gonna be like a cookie.
- Moist, I definitely said moist.
- It's more like a fairy cake but like a squashed one.
- Meet my squashed fairy cakes.
I'm gonna decorate them with some cream cheese, I think.
Some lactose free cream cheese.
With little like, swirls.
- They're not like really sweet,
but that's 'cause we didn't put loads of sugar in.
- Yeah.
- But like, I think they're nice like this.
- Well, the recipe I'm gonna put down in the description
has Claudia's altered amounts of sugar.
So, you can make these exact ones.
- Or like, well the one,
the recipe we ate is the sugar free one.
- Yeah, I mean, it's obviously sugar free
but it has a sugar alternative.
- Yeah, you could change it to be a sugar containing one.
- Oh, you could totally make these
using regular sugar and regular flour.
And, if you had an egg substitute, they'd be vegan.
Thank you for watching this episode of "Baking Bad".
Do let us know down in the comments
what you'd like us to attempt to bake next.
- No, no baking. - Yes, yeah, yeah.
- It was a trilogy, remember?
- No, it's a series darling.
It's a series.
Love you.
- What am I gonna get in return?
- Food.
- Okay, fair enough.
Can't be that "Baking Bad"
if you actually get to eat it at the end.
- I love you.
Okay, subscribe for more and thank you, again,
so much for watching.
- Bye! - Bye bye!
(upbeat jazz music)


開心製作蛋糕 (Making Baking Fun! // Baking Bad with Jessie and Claud // Pumpkin Cookies (Low FODMAP) [CC])

139 分類 收藏
Michael Cheung 發佈於 2019 年 11 月 26 日
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