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Finally, all done.
It's beautiful.
And done right on time, too!
That's incredible!
I am so good.
Look at me go.
I deserve coffee.
I would also like to go, but I can wait my turn.
Oh! Would you look at that?
It's my time to go!
No no no!
That's the stuff.
Wait, if these are my hands, then who's that guy?
I mean...
Thank you for helping me with work, but wha-wha- what's going on here?
If only there was someone here who knew an absurd amount of information about things like this.
I think I can help you out with that.
Oh, hi Blocko!
Hi Gingy!
When the first cup of coffee is absorbed into your body through your gastrointestinal track, your brain begins to release certain chemicals, which begin to make you feel more alert, energized, and overall more productive.
Coffee wants to help you.
Wow. This is great!
I should drink more then!
I could use a few extra hands.
I mean, the effects are gonna last for about four to six hours, which means you probably don't need more yet.
Too late!
Okay, um...
You should be careful.
Yeah, it's hot, but I have mittens.
No, no! Coffee may seem really good, but it also has its negatives.
Have you even tried coffee?
Well, no, I've never had a mouth until this video.
But I have read a few books.
But you don't even have eyes.
Eye twitches, raised blood pressure, and quickened heart rate.
The coffee can really start to take a toll on your body.
Look at all this work I got done!
I need more.
Blocko, I don't feel so good.
See, what did I tell you.
A caffeine overdose can be a serious threat to your health.
You're going to begin to experience hallucinations, and you're at a serious risk for things like sudden cardiac arrest and falling into a coma.
Yeah, you know what, you're right.
It was totally the coffee that gave me this headache I have right now.
Not the- not the giant mug man beating me up.
That's okay. Th- tanks for the help, man.
Haha! No problem.
Always happy to help.
Oh, hey guys. Thanks for watching the video.
I just want to say thanks to life noggin for helping me out with the lines and collaborating with me on this video.
They also did a collaboration over on their channel about being lonely forever.
My biggest fear, but it'd be really cool if you guys went and checked it out.
There's a link in the description.
I also want to let you guys know that I'm gonna be a featured guest at ConBravo 2018 over in Hamilton Ontario from July 27th to 29th.
There's a link to go grab your tickets down in the description.
I'm pretty excited, and I hope to see you guys there.



我愛喝咖啡!咖啡對身體的好處與壞處! (What Does Coffee Want (ft. LifeNoggin))

5666 分類 收藏
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