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Sorry, I'm gonna start again.
We all know the feeling.
You say or do something that makes your heart pound, your face turn red, and you feel like running away.
You are embarrassed.
But what does this mean and why does it happen?
Embarrassment can result from social situations where you feel exposed, self-conscious, or awkward.
On the outside, you may gaze downward, touch your face, or turn your head away.
On the inside in some cases, your body releases adrenaline that acts as a natural stimulant.
Your heart rate increases.
Your breathing gets quicker.
Your muscles may tense up.
And you might even freeze up completely.
The release of adrenaline can also cause your blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow to all parts of your body, including your face and neck.
This is what gives your cheeks that nice rosy look, also known as blushing.
These reactions are similar to the fight-or-flight response that's triggered when you're in danger.
Except when you're embarrassed, the only threat might be to your social status.
But feeling embarrassed isn't all bad.
Sure you feel exposed and your cheeks are bright red.
But according to some studies, being embarrassed is a sign of emotional intelligence.
And you're more likely to be forgiven, liked, or trusted if you show signs of embarrassment after you mess up.
So next time you feel embarrassed, just shake it off, we've all been there.
Thank you very much.



常覺得丟臉嗎?這樣其實大有好處! (Your Body When You're Embarrassed)

4475 分類 收藏
Lian 發佈於 2019 年 11 月 26 日    Lian 翻譯    Victoria 審核
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