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  • Are Costco's bargain-priced products and services really all that?


  • Maybe so, maybe no.


  • We've gotten to the bottom of the warehouse store's cheapest offerings and broken down whether or not they're worth putting on your Costco list and picking up the next time you're there.


  • There are a ton of different kinds of olive oil on the market, and one of the most popular olive oils around is sold by Costco under its Kirkland label.


  • Not only is Kirkland Signature extra virgin olive oil priced fairly low, but it also gets rave reviews for its taste.


  • In fact, there is actual scientific evidence corroborating Kirkland Signature's oil quality.


  • A 2010 report released by the University of California-Davis, found that Kirkland oil was the only one of 19 extra virgin olive oils tested that met taste standards set by the International Olive Council and United States Department of Agriculture.

    加州大學戴維斯分校於 2010 年提出的一份研究報告指出,在十九種橄欖油中,科克蘭純橄欖油的味道是唯一符合國際橄欖油委員會及美國農業部標準的。

  • What's more, Kirkland organic extra virgin olive oil even got a shout-out from celebrity chef Samin Nosrat, who declared it to be her favorite olive oil for everyday use.

    除此之外,美國名廚 Samin Nosrat 說她最愛的油就是科克蘭有機純橄欖油。

  • Have a party to organize?


  • Wondering how you're going to feed a few dozen cake-loving kids without breaking the bank?


  • Costco has you covered.


  • Yes, their cakes are basic, and yes, they only come in two flavors.


  • None of your trendy elderflower-lemon, champagne-strawberry, or passionfruit-guava flavor combos at Costco - here you get chocolate or vanilla, straight up.


  • But, what these cakes lack in flavor variety, they make up in size, weighing in at a whopping 9.5 pounds.

    雖然好市多蛋糕的種類並不多,但它的尺寸卻相當大,約重 9.5 磅。

  • Costco is sure to note that the industry standard is only 6 pounds, so it really is a monster cake that you can always buy plain and dress up any way you'd like.

    一般蛋糕的重量約六磅,相較之下,好市多蛋糕根本是巨無霸,且它主打可以自行 DIY 裝飾蛋糕。

  • Two pounds of that is filling, vanilla cheesecake for the vanilla cake, and chocolate truffle mousse for the chocolate.


  • Needless to say, when it comes to cost, Costco blows competitors out of the water.


  • One average half sheet cake from Costco is about the same price as a quarter sheet cake from Walmart.


  • You might not think of making a special trip to Costco just to check out their cheese selection, but maybe you should, especially if you stay away from the more unusual types when you're at a more traditional grocery store.


  • Cheese can be expensive, after all, but Costco has you covered, with everything from sampler packs to some seriously delicious parmesan crisps.


  • Should you wish to branch out and explore different types of cheese?


  • You can do that, too.


  • They carry a wide variety, and it won't break the bank.


  • Bonus?


  • Even if you're forced to buy in bulk to get a deal, most cheese is easy to freeze.


  • And there's good news for cheese-loving brides.


  • Costco also sells a bargain-priced 24-pound wedding cake made entirely of cheese, too.


  • At $440, it is a pretty great deal for a whole wedding cake.

    一個只要四百四十元美金,以結婚蛋糕而言,CP 值真的超高。

  • Go ahead, be different!


  • One thing Costco is justifiably famous for is its $4.99 rotisserie chicken.

    好市多另外一項招牌產品就是 4.99 元美金的烤雞。

  • Ummm... not such a big deal, you say?

    呃... 你可能會想說, 4.99 元美金的烤雞哪裡特別?

  • You may have seen rotisserie chickens for sale for $5 and under elsewhere, but at Costco, you're getting at least 3 pounds of chicken, while those other retailers' birds tend to come in at 2 pounds or less.

    不到 5 元美金的烤雞隨處可得。但好市多烤雞特別的地方就在於,它重達三磅,其他地方賣的烤雞最多也才兩磅。

  • Costco CFO Richard Galanti was interviewed by The Seattle Times in 2015, and he admitted that the chicken sales have been driving a lot of foot traffic.

    西雅圖時報於 2015 年訪問了好市多的財務長 Richard Galanti,他表示烤雞的確為好市多帶來了大量的人潮。

  • 87 million chickens were sold in 2017, and what's the likelihood that any of those chicken shoppers walked out without buying anything else?

    光是 2017 年就賣了八千七百萬隻烤雞,而為什麼有些人特地跑來好市多卻只買了一隻烤雞呢?

  • Exactly.


  • Three words for you: treat yo self.


  • When it comes to name brands, Costco does typically beat the prices at your local discount booze mart.


  • Where the real bargains are to be found, though, is with Costco's Kirkland Signature-branded wines and spirits and, as it turns out, these may be pretty darn good.

    好市多還有一項 CP 值超高的神物,那就是科克蘭的葡萄酒和蒸餾酒。

  • Tastings, the website of the Beverage Testing Institute, has rated 17 different Kirkland Signature wines and five different spirits as Gold Medal Exceptional at 90 plus points.


  • What's more, Vice interviewed a number of bartenders who all claimed a secret or not-so-secret passion for Costco-branded booze, one even advising the readers to, quote, "... take off your pants and pour yourself a tall glass of the stuff."

    此外,Vice 媒體曾訪問了幾位調酒師,他們都說科克蘭的酒精飲料是他們的最愛,有個人甚至建議讀者:「脫掉褲子毫無拘束地來享受這款美酒」。

  • Umm... okay, but please close the curtains before you do the pants thing, okay?


  • We don't need to see those Costco undies on display.


  • Actual, real-deal maple syrup tends to cost quite a lot, and it's Costco to the rescue.


  • When Consumer Reports tested eight different brands of dark maple syrup, they chose Kirkland Signature organic maple syrup to be among their top picks, despite the fact that it was significantly lower-priced than the other brands.


  • But how does this syrup taste, you might ask?


  • Consumer Reports describes it like this... clean and complex with caramelized, slight vanilla woody flavors, roasted/toasted notes and a hint of molasses.

    《消費者報告》形容它為... 其焦香中又伴隨著清爽感,從中可以品嚐到香草和楓樹的香氣,深沉煙燻的味道中又帶點甜而不膩的滋味。

  • So, there you go.


  • It's good stuff, and just what your pancakes, waffles, and ice cream call for.


  • Load up, enjoy, and don't worry about the price tag!


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Are Costco's bargain-priced products and services really all that?


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