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  • (hooves on pavement)

  • - The horses really do help you with aggression.

  • Once you own a horse, and you out,

  • that's all your mind is on, is having fun.

  • My Shahir and I'm a Concrete Cowboy.

  • (hooves on pavement)

  • I first got a horse after I turned 10.

  • I was young so I was like, "I like that horse."

  • I thought it was cool.

  • Horses have a temper just like us.

  • Me and Shadow had to combine out tempers and work together

  • because she used to walk while everybody else was running,

  • buck, throw people off,

  • and I used to always get back on her,

  • just to have the patience.

  • When I ride people actually give me like props,

  • they actually applaud me, the hood guys and everything.

  • They be asking me, can I ride?

  • You wanna trade?

  • People like it.

  • - Hello horsey.

  • Hello.

  • - When the stable started about 10 years ago,

  • it gave me something to do.

  • Something to keep the kids busy with, keep them occupied

  • from running the street,

  • getting in trouble.

  • In Southwest Philadelphia there's a lot of senseless killing

  • and I try to give kids something to get away

  • from stuff like that.

  • And when they start learning with the animals,

  • they kinda calm down, because they teaching, they learning,

  • and it helps them out a lot.

  • - Hey, hey, hey.

  • Violence in this community is crazy.

  • I done lost a brother, a uncle, I lost a lot of friends,

  • but when I work with the horses it's like a type of therapy.

  • I can have fun and not worry about everything else

  • that's going on around us.

  • If I would have never met Malik and sat around horses,

  • I probably would have been doing stuff

  • that I wasn't suppose to be doing.

  • Getting in trouble.

  • Once you get to running and having fun,

  • it seems like all that is forgotten.

(hooves on pavement)


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B1 中級 美國腔

牛仔騎在費城的街道上。 (The Cowboys Riding Philadelphia's Streets)

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