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Conservative, liberal, young, old, everyone's here
and they're all chanting in unison against their leaders.
And they're enjoying it.
Against sectarianism.
Against favouritism.
Against corruption.
We will not go home.
We will not go home.
I've been walking down this street from the BBC office... 00:00:28.760 --> 00:00:33.120 position:97% past the main church, down to Martyrs' Square where there's the Blue Mosque, 00:00:33.120 --> 00:00:36.760 position:97% and talking to everyone about this unison and how it feels for them.
For the first time in years, I feel proud to be Lebanese. 00:00:39.920 --> 00:00:42.600 position:56% Seeing all of these people out here, I've never felt such unity. 00:00:42.600 --> 00:00:46.080 position:97% There are some people who don't want these protests to happen. 00:00:46.080 --> 00:00:48.560 position:94% But we're just going to stay out here for as long as we can. 00:00:48.560 --> 00:00:52.200 position:98% I think the people of Lebanon are fed up from all the politicians 00:00:52.200 --> 00:00:55.160 position:88% and all the lying, and all the stealing, and everything. 00:00:55.160 --> 00:00:58.040 position:72% So I think, that's what makes us united today.
And I hope that it's going to last. 00:01:02.040 --> 00:01:05.240 position:97% You can't differentiate between a Shia Muslim or a Sunni Muslim or a Christian or a Durzi.
We are all here Lebanese people.
And this is what makes us stronger in this revolution. 00:01:09.280 --> 00:01:11.400 position:78% If it weren't like this, we would've fallen apart. 00:01:11.400 --> 00:01:15.720 position:97% But because our demands are the same, we are all hungry and want our rights,
this unites us. 00:01:18.040 --> 00:01:22.000 position:97% Our minimal rights such as health treatment, education, that they listen to us 00:01:22.000 --> 00:01:23.960 position:58% our rights are not being listened to. 00:01:23.960 --> 00:01:28.160 position:98% If we all remain hand in hand and we continue to take to the streets,
demonstrate and ask for our rights 00:01:30.560 --> 00:01:33.880 position:95% we will then remain a unified community and a successful one. 00:01:34.240 --> 00:01:38.800 position:97% Whatever the outcome is, whatever happens tonight and in the next few days 00:01:38.800 --> 00:01:40.880 position:59% this is always going to be remembered. 00:01:40.880 --> 00:01:43.880 position:98% The chants that people are saying, people are going to remember them.


Lebanon protests: 'I feel proud to be Lebanese' - BBC News

29 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2019 年 11 月 24 日
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