B1 中級 美國腔 150 分類 收藏
My name is Stevie Crawford and I'm not a travel Guru
I'm simply curious about people and places
in worlds very different from my own
Join me
When you arrive at the station
I highly recommend buying this discount pass
It provides unlimited rides on 8 routes in the area
including most of the popular destinations
So After picking up the passes
it was time to begin this short adventure
The town of Hakone is situated in the
mountains of Kanagawa Prefecture
So what you're seeing here is a train
actually bound for the hilltops— very cool
I just love museums, so anytime someone says, Stevie, go check this place out
I'm always excited
This museum is pretty unique, most of the exhibits are actually outside
hence the smart name, Open-Air Museum.
Despite the clouds and light rain as I took one final stroll
as I took one final stroll
the exhibits, architecture and beautiful scenes of nature
just took my breadth away
The staff, the food and just the overall
experience at this Onsen, were simply world class
After some helpful directions from the host
it was time to head to the scenic Lake Ashi
also called Hakone Lake
On the hills above Lake Ashi sits the Hakone-Jinja Shrine
which originally opened in the year 757 AD
Well, before I knew it, 24 hours had already slipped by
and this brief adventure was coming to a sad close
As I sat on the train heading back to Tokyo
contrasting this tranquil town to the chaotic scenes of big city life
I gained an appreciation for both worlds
each having their own wonderful
but very unique flavours
Thank you for watching
Thank you for watching


24 Hours In Hakone: Japan Travel Vlog 2019 (Watch Before You Go!)

150 分類 收藏
ayami 發佈於 2019 年 11 月 22 日
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