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welcome to real-life english with tv series where you learn english laughing and loving your favorite tv shows and learning how natives really speak today
We have an extremely funny scene from modern family loaded with the ton of
excellent airport english as two of the main characters get lost in the airport on their
International flight our method is simple first you watch the scene to get the general idea
Then we're gonna teach you everything you need to know and then you can watch it again with dramatically improved comprehension
Time to turks and caicos is six hours 24 minutes why the tenants prepare for takeoff all right
Take that special flying medicine ronaldo gave us what is cuidado mean i think it means sleep tight oh well cheers cuidado
what happened did we land yeah that stuff is good bad news folks we have had some mechanical issues
back, to the game anytime you head back to the gate that means your flights on taking off right gather your things we're gonna do
Scramble to find another one
okay mr
pritchett there is a
Connecting flight through dallas at leaves in five minutes you can catch it if you hurry i don't want to go to dallas we're going
To turks and caicos
dallas is just where you make your connection
I'm sorry i'm having a really hard time processing information right now we took sleeping pills
just make your way over to gate 32 okay okay okay wow
Wait, why do these say dallas oh yeah i'm sorry there's been a horrible mistake
We don't want to go to dallas okay
listen carefully you're
Connecting in dallas to turks and caicos you need to be at gate 32 in four minutes do you understand yes
i'm not an idiot
Okay, we have to be a cave for at 32 no gate 32 write it down okay
Why, is she so angry it's an obvious she's totally into me she gave me a marketing sense all right okay
i'm gonna follow you okay wrong
nuances instincts
yes wait no, my bag i bet my bags gone i've had my passport in it wait that guy
He has my bag excuse me sir nice try stealing my bag i see you've already painted it cam it's it's back on your shoulder
You are good cam listen listen to me listen speak if we're gonna have any chance of getting to dallas and then
Surviving there we are going to need hats
excuse me sir sir sir are you the proprietor of this haberdashery can you point me in the direction of your finest sports caps
What, team okay i'm not sure why that's relevant
okay, oh
Okay i have a question for you
When you're outside the workplace do you wear hats or does that just kind of make you feel like you're always in the office?
You, know what i think i am going to get these little wing kit oh?
little girls hats we should get one for linda
um our daughter
No, it's lily oh i love that name mitchell why do you have 32 written on your arm i have no idea maybe it's some
Sort of code or maybe it's my age do i look 32
To you tell me the truth there you i don't well if we wrote it down it must be something important hey we should write
down other stuff that seems important so we don't forget yeah okay well
that's obviously okay what else i feel like there was a number it was not 32
No, no, no, no cam don't don't you do don't don't you dare oh?
it just looks so soft and inviting i i don't think i can go on
Tell linda i love her you're gonna tell them to yourself
Okay i cannot go to dallas without you the person's there are so big, oh
I'm just, so tired i'm so very tired i just need to close my eyes, oh
knock it off
you're gonna suck it up you're gonna pull your act together and you're coming with me it's a gate
3232 that can't be right we're just never gonna make it oh my god you're right we're gonna die in this airport
wait there's still time sir stop stop
is there a way that you can take us to gate 4 30 32
Yep i guess okay wow thank you so much you are a life savings hurry okay
Thank you okay thank you so much mitch and cam hi hi mitch and cam uh, i'm bitch he's killed mr. Tucker mr.
pritchett you made it just in time
Thank you lucy her name is lucy coming home lucy
Sir where what happened are we in dallas yet oh we've left dallas we're in turks and caicos we need to clean the plane
Don't you remember being in dallas zoe must have slept through it you're wearing a cowboy hat so are you
What is this i don't think we're supposed, to have that?
So it appears i've gotten a piercing mm-hmm marie
why does your arm say marie ooh
Whose dog is this what do you mean whose dog you refused to board without him i did
Let's go i don't remember my bag being this heavy
why the tenants prepare for takeoff a flight attendant is a person whose job is to look after
Passengers who are travelling on a plane the takeoff is the moment when an airplane starts to ascend and the flight begins
note that when it's a noun it's written as one word
for example the takeoff is at five but when it's a verb it's written as two words for example it takes off at five
what does cuidado mean i think it means sleep tight
sleep tight is a common collocation used to tell someone that you wish they sleep nicely for example good night sleep tight
Joke, here is that cuidado doesn't mean sleep tight it actually is a spanish equivalent before be careful
did we land
To land is the opposite of to take off when a plane
Lands it touches the ground in the flight ends for example the plane lands at 7:00
To head or to head back as a verb to head means to go toward a place
For example to head for the bus stop is the same as to go to the bus stop when you add back after this word
it means to return for example they headed back home when it started getting dark a
Gate in the airport is the exit door or tunnel from the terminal or the interior part of the airport, to the airplane right
gather your things we're gonna
Find another one to gather your things is to collect or grab your things so that you can take them somewhere or leave
For example she gathered her things and went out through the back door to scramble is to move or do something
Hurriedly or quickly for example the company opened an office in town and is scrambling to hire employees
ok, mr
pritchett there is a connecting flight through dallas at leaves in five minutes you can hurry
Connecting flight if you have a connecting flight it means that instead of taking one direct flight you take two or more flights arriving at
other airports on your way to your final destination
So catch is to get on a bus a train or a plane
In order to travel somewhere for example we need to catch a taxi to the airport did you understand yeah understand
did you understand write it down write it down
gate 32 write it down okay
why, is she so angry it's an obvious she's totally into me she's totally into me if you're into someone it means you're interested in
that person romantically excuse me sir sir
sir are you the proprietor of this haberdashery can you point me in the direction of your finest sports caps a
Proprietor is a person who owns a business or property for example she is a proprietor of the building
haberdashery is a very uncommon formal word meaning the seller of men's clothing
Fine we use this word to describe something of high quality we also commonly use it in the
Superlative as in the finest for example spain and france produce some of the finest wines in the world oh?
i'm justin your real-life english fluency guy and if you're loving and learning a lot in these videos
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What, team okay i'm not sure why that's relevant
okay what team
Playing for the other team is a way of saying that you're gay so when the guys ask what team can thinks he was asking
if he was gay or straight which means heterosexual
Oh, trouble i don't know he sounds bad to be in trouble is to be in a threatening or difficult situation to describe the action
We say to get in trouble for example he got in trouble with the police
mad means angry or upset don't you
Don't you don't don't you dare don't you dare is used to angrily tell someone not, to do something
For example don't you dare tell dad i scratched his car i cannot go to dallas without you i cannot
you i
cannot go to dallas without you oh
knock it off
you're gonna suck it up you're gonna pull your act together knock it off is used to tell someone
To stop doing something that annoys you for example knock it off you two you've been making noise all day
suck it up is used for saying that someone has to accept a difficult or
Unpleasant situation even if they don't want to for example he never paid attention in class
So when the final exam arrived he had to suck it up and study twice as hard pull your act together
It's to start to organize yourself, so that you can deal with something
Effectively or achieve what you want for example she's failed the same exam three times in a row
i wish you'd pull her act together and study him well thank you so much you are a life savings hurry a
Life saver is literally a flotation device to save people in the ocean
figuratively it means something or someone that provides help in a moment you desperately need it for example when i lost all my money in
asia my credit card was a lifesaver
Mr. Tucker mr. Pritchett you made it just in time to make it is to successfully get
To or arrive at some place it implies a challenge because
To make it takes effort for example i'm not sure we're gonna make it on time
remember being in dallas so we must have slept through it
to sleep through something is to fail to pay attention or notice something because you were sleeping for example i slept through five alarm clocks
So it appears i've gotten a piercing
Piercing there's a small hole made in different parts of the body like the ears or nose to put a ring or another piece of?
whose dog is this
What do you mean whose dog you refuse to board without him the board is to get on an airplane or ship
For the final step go back
to the beginning and watch the scene one more time without subtitles for dramatically improved comprehension
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摩登家庭讲解-在机场 (Learn Fun English | Modern Family - the Airport)

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