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  • I love travelling

  • I love the movement and change

  • exploring and discovering

  • Meeting new people with their stories

  • and enjoying moments of rest in cozy places

  • Like this coffee stop in guitar workshop and cafe in Odawara

  • I finally discovered Hakone

  • My first ever experience with onsen

  • We have sashimi

  • octopus

  • variety of sweets

  • tofu

  • This is so fatty

  • I taste all the flavors of this fish

  • Salmon

  • light touch of soy-sauce

  • and here we go

  • I think this one has a bit of vinegar

  • Let's go to meguro

  • One more taste

  • It just dissolves in my mouth

  • amazing

  • I'm telling you

  • This is gorgeous

  • That huge wild boar

  • blocked the road and terrified sweat out of me

  • But the next morning, luckily

  • i didn't meet him during my running challenge

  • I guess that is my favorite day of the challenge

  • The wonder and fascination

  • of the Hakone Volcano

  • and active sulphur and hot steam vents

  • It's very beautiful

  • it's white!

  • smells weird

  • simple egg

  • Just plain egg

  • It just looks beautiful

  • And I felt like a pirate

  • on the board of Lake Ashi sightseeing ship

  • Adventures all the way!

I love travelling


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第12集,我去拜訪箱根 (Episode 12, where I visit Hakone)

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