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All month long we've been partnering with Ulta Beauty
to raise awareness for breast cancer research.
For every person that gets dunked,
they will donate $10,000.
00:00:20,665 --> 00:00:22,637 Promise that I make you lie.
Promise I know what you like.
Uh, uh, [INAUDIBLE].
Put it-- put it-- put it down.
00:00:33,483 --> 00:00:36,934 Just get back up again [INAUDIBLE]..
Just get back up again [INAUDIBLE]..
Just get back up again.
I don't--
I'll have to count.
I don't look silly, do I?
No, no.
(SINGING) Just get back up again.
All right, this is getting where you'll never
show this on television.
You were going to do push ups and there's
going to be a plate of mashed potatoes on the floor,
and you're going to take a bite every time
you get close to the plate.
Since were raising money for breast cancer awareness
this month, if we complete the demo,
Ulta Beauty will donate $10,000 towards breast cancer research.
We take the flower, and we put it in the dough.
And just like that into the dough!
I like to put my whole body into it.
What I like to do--
00:01:34,095 --> 00:01:40,410 Uh, OK, like a DJ almost.
You were diagnosed-- it was ovarian cancer, is that right?
OK, when did you then discover you had breast cancer?
My mom was diagnosed in March of 2014.
And then I was diagnosed in August.
My mom and I actually carpooled to chemo together,
and we had treatment across the hall.
And when I lost my hair, she already had her hair gone.
And it was like-- it was somewhat comforting.
You were comforting because in her chemo room,
they have the TV set up there just as a distraction.
And you were the best.
You always made us laugh.
We always looked forward to you.
It was something we always looked forward
to every time [INAUDIBLE].
We really did.
It was like the bright spot of our day.
I just want to say thank you because for five years
you'd be my chemo buddy every night.
And you've helped me go to sleep with a laugh.
And I just thank you from the bottom of my heart.
(SINGING) Just like fire burning out the way.
You just went through something very, very serious.
I don't think anybody knows about this.
Yeah, I had breast cancer.
So you made the decision to--
Have a bilateral mastectomy.
I had both breasts removed.
And that's why I was like, I don't know.
Should we talk about it or what?
Because man, I mean, how many things could I have-- black,
lesbian, and--
And I'm like, I can't be the poster child for everything,
you know?
I am going to challenge all of my guests
to make a better entrance than Jessica Biel, who was amazing.
For each guest that makes a cool entrance this month,
Ulta Beauty will make a donation to breast cancer research.
(SINGING) Just like fire burning out the way.
For that I give you $10,000.
(SINGING) Watch this madness colorful charade.
No one can be just like me anywhere.
Just like--
That deserves $30,000.
(SINGING) [INAUDIBLE] I'mma disappear when they come--
You were diagnosed in 2007, is that right?
I like to say I'm the class of 2007.
When you think all the money that's been raised,
of all the research that's being done,
and just the advances since I was diagnosed, I cannot wait.
And it's going to happen.
It's going to happen.
We're going to go, remember when people got cancer?
Remember when people talked about cancer?
Remember they would have a month about that?
It's going to be in our rear view mirror.
It has to be.


今天 (Ellen Looks Back at Her Favorite Moments from Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

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