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TIA: Over the past few years, K-POP has exploded around the world, as various groups go from
national to international sensations.
But BTS and BLACKPINK stand out, breaking world records and vying for the top spot.
TIA: BTS is a seven member supergroup whose latest project, 'Map of the Soul: Persona,'
dropped on April 12th, and is set to break international sales numbers.
TIA: But this album isn't their first time breaking records.
In early 2018, the video for “Fake Love,” the lead single from the album, 'Love Yourself: Tear,'
had one of the biggest 24 hour debuts on YouTube of 2018, racking up over
35 million views in one day.
TIA: Later that year, "IDOL," from their album 'Love Yourself, Answer,' broke Taylor Swift's
record for the most-watched video on YouTube in 24 hours.
TIA: 'Love Yourself: Answer' and 'Love Yourself: Tear' both hit #1 on the Billboard
200 albums chart, with their messages of self-love and perseverance.
True love begins with ourselves and we're trying to love ourselves too.
And we hope that the Armies could do the same too.
TIA: Elsewhere BLACKPINK, the four-member supercrew, have become a force in K-Pop in
their own right.
The group hit the scene in 2016 with 'Square One,' featuring “Whistle” and “Boombayah,”
which quickly topped Billboard's World Digital Songs Chart.
TIA: 2018 was a big year for the girls.
They released 'Square Up,' which featured “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” the group's first track
to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 and collaborated with Dua Lipa on “Kiss” and “Make Up,”
which also broke onto the Billboard charts in November 2018.
TIA: On April 5, BLACKPINK released the title track from their latest comeback, “Kill This Love,"
which explains that with love comes heartbreak.
TIA: The track features an epic drum sound and lengthy English verses, a first for the
girl group and a peek at their Western intentions.
TIA: BLACKPINK has also made YouTube history with “Kill This Love,” beating out Ariana
Grande for the most views in 24 hours, as well as breaking the record for fastest clip
to reach 100 million views, in less than three days.
TIA: For their side, BTS released a collaboration with Halsey called “Boy With Luv,” on
April 12th.
We met her last year when she came to Korea.
We were just talking and we should collaborate we should work.
And when we first got this track like ok Halsey is perfect for this track.
So we just called her and BOOM!
TIA: The track's title is similar to a 2014 track from the group, “Boy In Luv,”
which also focuses on themes of love, but according to BTS, their new song is more mature.
This time we grew up, we sing about what the true love is, it comes from tiny little things.
It's the tiny little, petty things.
That's what we found what love's about.
TIA: By some reports, the video for “Boy With Luv” reached 10 million views within
3 hours of its release.
TIA: Prior to their international success, both groups had hopes for an American crossover.
What do you want to accomplish what's next?
But I think Suga wants to say something.
Go to Grammy.
We would love to have any opportunity as we can to perform in front of you guys.
Not just in Korea, maybe one day in front of everyone around the world.
TIA: Both groups look like they're making those dreams a reality.
In 2019, BTS became the first K-pop presenters in Grammy history and BLACKPINK recently announced
their first North American tour.
I think the best part about tour is that we can make people smile and makes us really
really excited so we're really excited to share that with our US Blinks.
TIA: April is poised to be a big month for BTS and BLACKPINK alike, with the former performing
on SNL and BLACKPINK taking the stage at Coachella.
TIA: And while each group puts numbers on the board, it remains to be seen who will
be YouTube's record-breaking ruler.
Who's your pick?
TIA: I'm Tia with Genius News bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.


BLACKPINK 和 BTS!誰才是 YouTube 的霸主? (BLACKPINK Vs. BTS: Who Are The Rulers Of YouTube? | Genius News)

179 分類 收藏
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