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- [Jack] Hello, this is Jack from tofluency.com
and welcome to this English lesson
where you are going to see
maybe 50 to 100 phrasal verbs in this lesson.
And you are going to learn these phrasal verbs
from a story, a story about my friend Dave.
Now my friend Dave is a pretty interesting guy.
And what I'm going to do is tell you
about one of his days recently.
I'm going to show you some video footage
from that day as well.
Now to get the most out of this lesson, turn on subtitles.
And then also check out the description
for a list of all the phrasal verbs
that we use in this lesson.
Okay, are you ready?
Let's go.
Today is Tuesday.
Or Tuesday in American English.
And Dave's alarm goes off at 4:30 a.m.
As soon as he gets up, he turns on the coffee machine.
But today he has run out of cream.
He usually likes cream in his coffee,
so he's not had the best start to the day.
But he drinks his coffee anyway.
And now it is time to work out.
Now most people, if they work out in the morning,
they'll just do a few exercises.
But Dave is different.
He sets off on his 20-mile run,
breathing in the ocean air
as he runs along the ocean front.
Again, his goal is to run 20 miles.
After 15, he's running out of energy and motivation.
But this is Dave, so he doesn't give up.
After his run, he bangs out 100 push-ups without stopping.
He takes a quick breath and then carries on,
doing another 100, and then another.
He gets home, turns on the shower,
jumps in, dries himself off,
and then has another coffee.
It's now 10 a.m. and it's time to focus on work.
He opens up his computer, logs in to his emails,
and responds to his clients' questions.
In his inbox there are six speaking opportunities.
He turns down five as they just don't pay enough.
He agrees to do one as it pay him exactly what he is after.
But he has to iron out a few details.
He remembers that he has a speaking engagement next week,
so he looks up flights to New York,
where the speaking engagement is.
And he soon realizes he doesn't have time
to shop around for the best deal.
So instead, he fills out the form
and books the fight, business class.
It's now time to get on with writing his presentation.
He doesn't want to put this off until tomorrow
or until next week.
Now in the past, he would have a cigarette
while writing his presentation.
But he gave them up a few years ago
because this is Dave, the new Dave.
It's time to prepare his lunch,
so he warms up leftover pasta from the night before.
And once it's ready, he digs in and finishes it
within about three minutes.
The afternoon is dragging on a bit,
so he makes another coffee.
This time, he adds in a little honey.
He spends the rest of the afternoon
finishing up his presentation.
Once that is done, it's now time to chill out
for the rest of the evening.
So he decides to text his friend
to see if she want to hang out
for the rest of the day.
She agrees and he heads out just before five
and sets off for his friend's house.
He hasn't seen her for a while,
so he's looking forward to catching up.
They grew up together and he's worried
about them growing apart.
So he's very excited about seeing her.
When he gets there, he pops in for a few minutes.
They decide to eat out, so they head out
to this new, exciting restaurant.
They order some appetizers.
Dave is starving at this point, so he wolfs them down.
Sara only picks at them.
They then go through the menu again
and pick out a main meal to share.
Sara then knocks back a couple of very expensive cocktails,
but Dave just drinks water.
He's trying to cut out alcohol during the week,
which is pretty smart.
Before heading back home, they decide to take a walk
along the ocean and they actually
run into an old friend from school
who is there with other friends around a campfire.
They decide to stay out a little bit longer,
and then Dave drops Sara off at her home
and drives back home.
When Dave gets home, he has enough time
to write down what he has learned
during that day in his journal.
He then turns off the lights, gets into bed,
and passes out immediately.
Today has been a good day.
If you have enjoyed this lesson,
then please like and share it with your friends.
And, like I said before, check out the description
so that you can get the list of the phrasal verbs
that I've used in this video.
And then check out another phrasal verb lesson.
I'll leave those on your screen now.
Thank you again for watching.
Speak to you soon, bye-bye.


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