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  • Hello everyone, Mckenzie Mitchell for 2

  • WWE Now with major updates from all corners of the WWE Universe. 3

  • We start with an explosive piece of breaking news that completely changes 4

  • the complexion of team Hogan versus Team Flare at WWE Crown Jewel. 5

  • It has been revealed that universal champion Seth Rollins, 6

  • will no longer captain Team Hogan in the five-on-five match due to his 7

  • Falls Count Anywhere title defense against The Fiend Bray Wyatt. 8

  • However that isn't the only breaking news coming through the wire, as we can now 9

  • officially report that free agents AOP have signed with Monday Night RAW. 10

  • Yes, after extended negotiations with both USA Network and FOX, 11

  • amid rumors of their return to the MMA world, Akam and 12

  • Rezar will now bring their talents to Monday night, exclusively. 13

  • And lastly, as seen playing out on social media throughout the day, 14

  • Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura will defend the title against 15

  • Roman Reigns on Friday Night SmackDown. 16

  • And we can break the news that this major match-up will be kicking things off at 17

  • eight-seven-central on FOX. 18

  • The match came about after Sami Zayn tweeted that he was dumbfounded that he 19

  • and Shinsuke Nakamura weren't taken as a pair in the first round of the WWE Draft 20

  • over the likes of Roman Reigns. 21

  • This led to Roman Reigns firing back, saying that Nakamura and 22

  • Zayn know where to find him. 23

  • And that they should bring the intercontinental title with them. 24

  • From there, the King of Strong Style chimed in. 25

  • Accepting the Big Dog's challenge, leading the two clashing at the start 26

  • of SmackDown this Friday night at eight, seven central on Fox. 27

  • So what major news will be next to break? 28

  • Keep up with WWE digital for all of the latest.

Hello everyone, Mckenzie Mitchell for 2


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關於WWE皇冠上的寶石,自由機構等突發新聞。WWE Now (Breaking news regarding WWE Crown Jewel, free agency and more: WWE Now)

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