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  • The year was 1946.

    當時是 1946 年。

  • Radio was king, and "The Adventures of Superman" ruled the airwaves.

    廣播是王道, 而《超人歷險記》穩坐冠軍的寶座。

  • But with fascism vanquished, the Man of Steel set his sights on a different foe.

    但隨著法西斯主義的落敗, 超人將焦點轉向新的敵人。

  • This is the story of how Superman busted the Ku Klux Klan.

    這是超人擊敗三 K 黨的故事。

  • Because unless we stop this fiery cross clan now, they'll get you no matter where you go.

    除非我們阻止焚燒十字架的三 K 黨, 否則無論你在哪裡都會遭殃。

  • The story starts with Stetson Kennedy, a journalist who infiltrated the Klan for the Anti-Defamation League.

    故事始於 Stetson Kennedy, 一名曾為反誹謗聯盟潛入三 K 黨的記者。

  • He wanted to melt the cultural glue that held the clan together.


  • Thanks, Rick.

    謝謝你, Rick。

  • No problem.


  • That's Rick Bowers. B-O-W...

    剛才那位是 Rick Rowers, 姓的拼法是 B-O-W......

  • He wrote this book.


  • "Superman Versus The Ku Klux Klan"

    《超人大戰三 K 黨》

  • But what does Stetson Kennedy have to do with Superman?

    但 Stetson Kennedy 跟超人有什麼關係呢?

  • Remember, the Last Son of Krypton needed a new enemy.

    別忘了, 最后的氪星之子需要新的敵人。

  • The producers of the radio show, on a very bold gambit, decided Superman would take on real-life hate groups.

    廣播節目的製作人決定採取非常大膽的策略, 讓超人對付現實生活中的仇恨團體。

  • The creators of "The Adventures of Superman" used Kennedy's research to produce a 16-part series called "The Clan of the Fiery Cross," where a great secret society pledged to purify America.

    《超人歷險記》的製作人利用 Kennedy 的研究, 製作了一部共計 16 集的系列節目, 節目名稱為《燃燒十字架的黨派》, 講述偉大的秘密團體承諾淨化美國的故事。

  • The Superman producers went to the Anti-Defamation League, and said, "Authenticate our script. Provide us more information."


  • It was a way to get the message out that no one else could get out just by telling horror stories.

    這是一種傳播訊息的方式, 沒有人只透過講恐怖故事就能辦到。

  • I am the Grand Scorpion of the Clan of the Fiery Cross.

    我是三 K 黨的大蠍子。

  • The Grand Rat, you mean!


  • It exposed the clan as hate-mongers, but it also exposed the clan as a money-driven organization.

    節目將三 K 黨塑造成仇恨傳播者, 也暴露了其為受金錢驅使的組織。

  • I'm running a business, Rigs, and so are you!


  • We deal in one of the oldest and most profitable commodities on earth: hate.


  • It was a break-through in American broadcasting.


  • Not only had they done this great public service, but they elevated themselves to the number one radio show for kids on air.

    他們不僅提供偉大的公共服務, 還躍升為兒童廣播節目的冠軍。

  • Well, they're cowardly gangsters who operate at night, hidden behind sheets and hoods.

    他們是在夜間行動的懦夫, 躲在被單和帽子裡。

  • Their minds are diseased with hate.


  • No one is safe from them.


  • I guess you could say that the white robes stood no chance against the Man of Steel.

    我想你可以說, 在超人面前, 三 K 黨根本毫無勝算!

The year was 1946.

當時是 1946 年。

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