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  • Alright, tonight radical 2020 Democrats are battling it out in the great state of Ohio.

  • We sent Lawrence Jones to the Buckeye State to find out what locals think of the scandal-plagued Democratic frontrunner Joe "30330" and his son, Hunter, who had a disastrous appearance this morning.

  • Take a look.

  • >> Biden is the frontrunner.

  • How do you feel about the Hunter Biden scandal that's going on right now?

  • >> That is so significant, in that they are all talking about Donald and Ukraine.

  • They really, they really should be looking, and they are, at Hunter.

  • >> The whole idea about Ukraine and Hunter and all of that, that is simply politics.

  • That's people digging up crap about everybody else.

  • >> (I) certainly have questions about all that's happening with regards to Biden and the Ukraine and all of that.

  • >> Doesn't bother me.

  • I don't think it's unique in our country whatsoever.

  • I don't think it's unique in our current political environment.

  • >> Are you concerned about the Hunter Biden --

  • No, I think Hunter Biden said his story, told his story.

  • >> It's like a pay-to-play type of thing.

  • He sold his name.

  • You don't think he would've gotten that job if he didn't have the last name Biden?

  • >> Come on now.

  • >> Biden says he doesn't know about it.

  • >> Probably not.

  • >> Biden said he didn't know about it.

  • >> Oh yeah right!

  • He said he didn't talk to his son about it also.

  • Who believes that?

  • >> Nobody.

  • Apparently Democratic voters are not happy with their presidential choices either.

  • (According to reports, four New York city Michael Bloomberg is now reconsidering the run for President.)

  • (And the new poll at the New Hampshire, former first lady Michelle Obama enter the race, she would be the frontrunner Biden won train behind her. )

  • And in three new productive models by Moody's analytics, President Trump looks likely to get the electoral college votes needed to win reelection in 2020.

  • Guess Congressman Al Green is right.

  • We better impeach him because we're not going to beat him.

  • Coming with us now it's Fox News special Hannity 2020 on the road correspondent and investigative reporter, Lawrence Jones.

  • And Michael Bess, law President, former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

  • (And look at this, they don't seem that) -- They kind of see the reality about the Bidens Lawrence, they're not missing that.

  • Yes it's interesting Sean, Westerville, Ohio is one of diverse groups, there's a lot of independents, a lot of former Democrats that end up going for Trump.

  • The interesting thing that I noticed here is the people, if they were in the Biden camp, that they were very defensive of him.

  • But if they were already going for other Democratic candidates, they were very interested in what was happening with the Hunter Biden thing and if there was going to be an investigation of it.

  • The one thing that is so concerning though is although the supporters of the other candidates see it as an issue, none of the candidates that are on the debate stage right now are willing to go after Joe Biden.

  • All of us know that it's shady, even the other candidates supporters, but none of them want to call him on it.

  • We were looking at a calendar, and if anyone else wants to jump into the radical polls, Reince Priebus, that deadline is coming up very shortly.

  • >> Yeah, good point Sean.

  • Deadlines ... every candidate has to file paperwork, signatures, and every single primary state and every state is different so starting on November 8th, Alabama starts and so these Democrats that are talking about the rumors about Bloomberg and Michelle Obama which I doubt, all of them have to start filing all of these documents in November.

  • Now this is just one calendar.

  • You can see all of the dates filled in, starting in December.

  • Every single day leading up to Christmas is a date practically that these deadlines come up about it so all these rumors about Bloomberg, Michelle Obama, you know, I think, obviously, it's not going to happen because there's so much to do.

  • There's so much work that goes into this and such upheaval, I highly, highly doubt this.

  • >> Sean: How do you analyze what the Democrats are doing?

  • Or, breaking news, Pelosi doesn't have the votes to have an official impeachment inquiry and you go to believe that those nearly 40 Democrats that are in districts Donald Trump won, they can't be too happy with this ridiculous no-reason impeachment, "just because we want to do it, we don't like him" impeachment.

  • >> Well, I think the president has done a good job as of late in what I think he should do more of, which is: play to the victim a little bit more.

  • Talk about the big picture.

  • Talk about the fact that nothing is going to get done because of this partisan job that the Democrats are doing.

  • You know, the other thing is, you know, these democrats have played it all wrong.

  • They are going for a conviction without any evidence and I think the Republicans should remind the American people of that and then, look, I think the White House (set) at the other day.

  • If the Democrats want to take a vote on impeachment, they want to give Republicans a subpoena power as well, then go ahead and do it.

  • And I think the message, although you said it many times because other people have said it many times, I think it has to be repeated over and over again and let the President play the victim and talk about the big picture with what he sees for this country.

  • Well, Lawrence, you were there, you were talking to the Democrats there, there is this huge appetite for, after three years, the do-nothing Democrats, they have't done a thing ...

  • Is there an appetite for now another impeachment push by them?

  • Among Dmocrats?

  • >> I think ... where's the appetite, period.

  • I'm travelling all across the country and I've compared Trump rallies to ...

  • All the supporters of the other candidates and it doesn't even come even close to that.

  • And so I think the reason why they are asking for Michelle Obama or someone like Bloomberg is because they don't have a lot of support right now and Biden is starting to look like a failure right now with the Hunter Biden stuff.

  • You know, he admitted it today that he doesn't believe he would've gotten that job if he didn't have the last name Biden and I think the average day person sitting home is tired of the corruption, the people that are well connected and powerful are playing by different rules, and I think that's going to affect the next election when they come out to vote.

  • And they never talked about Ukraine or China, not one time?

  • I don't believe that either.

  • >> Sean: Alright guys, thanks, good to see you.

Alright, tonight radical 2020 Democrats are battling it out in the great state of Ohio.


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福克斯新聞向俄亥俄州選民詢問亨特-拜登醜聞的情況。 (Fox News asks Ohio voters about the Hunter Biden scandal)

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