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  • - WWE Championship.

  • - [Narrator] When The Rock won the WWE Championship in 2013,

  • he wanted a custom belt.

  • This video is about the guy who made that belt.

  • This is Dave Millican.

  • The industry leader in championship belt making.

  • He's also a huge wrestling fan.

  • - Yep, that sounds about right.

  • - [Narrator] He's been in the business for awhile,

  • since he was a little kid.

  • - I was 13 when I made my first belt, and it was really bad.

  • - [Narrator] The guy who made belts before David,

  • was this guy.

  • - [Dave] Reggie Parks, taking me under his wing,

  • had everything to do with my development.

  • Even my initial respect in this business from the veterans.

  • Everybody knew Reggie Parks, nobody knew Dave Millican.

  • - [Narrator] And here's how they're made:

  • - [Dave] Step one, artwork.

  • Step two, etching.

  • Step three would be the bolt work.

  • Step four, plating.

  • And then from there, you pretty much have a complete belt.

  • Although some have paint, some don't have paint.

  • It varies from design to design.

  • - [Narrator] Each belt is unique in it's own way.

  • - I've actually been asked how many belts I've made

  • by now we're in the thousands.

  • - [Narrator] Believe it or not,

  • the WWE isn't his biggest client right now.

  • - [Dave] Somebody that orders just as many belts

  • is Lip Sync Battle Television.

  • - [Narrator] But we're here for wrestling nostalgia.

  • Countless stars ranging from Stone Cold to John Cena himself

  • have worn Dave's belts.

  • It's certainly a labor of love,

  • as some of these belts can take up to a year to finish.

  • Which begs the question,

  • which one is his favorite?

  • - Asking me my favorite belt

  • is like asking me to pick my favorite kid.

  • - [Narrator] That would be a lot of kids

  • to have to choose from.

- WWE Championship.


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