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so I was thinking about love I was
thinking about how difficult it is for
us to find and to to maintain the love
that we all yearn for and it kind of
dawned on me that I think a big part of
the problem is that we miss define love
it's possible that no other one subject
has been more analyzed talked about and
experienced by every single person on
this planet than love and yet we really
have no clue what it is the me and Jada
was reflected about you cannot make a
person happy you can make a person smile
you can make a person feel good you can
make a person laugh but whether or not a
person is happy is deeply and totally
and utterly out of your control the
thing that we call love the thing that
we're searching for and we're trying to
create that we call love is actually not
J Krishnamurti talked about the the
concept of the desire pleasure paradigm
that we think about love in terms of
desire and pleasure meaning that if you
meet my needs then I love you if you
don't then I don't so that love becomes
transactional if you do what I want if
you meet my desire and give me pleasure
I love you if you don't meet my desire
and you don't give me pleasure I don't
love you I think that that is the
insatiable nature of desire trying to
get somebody to fill our cup
I think that that leads to to anger and
it leads to frustration and ultimately
it makes us break apart from people
my daughter Willow really taught me a
hard lesson I think that the real
paradigm for love is Gardner flour so
the relationship that a gardener has
with a flower is the the gardener wants
to flower to be what the flower is
designed to be not what the gardener
wants the flower to be you want the
flower to bloom and to blossom and to
become what it wants to be you want it
to become what God designed it to be
you're not demanding that it become what
you need it to be for your ego anything
other than all of your gifts wide open
giving and nourishing this flower into
their greatness is not love
I came up with it with a thing that I
that has been really helpful to me love
is spelled l u v listen understand and
validate what you hear as true listening
is a magnificent superpower a really
deep listening and we can't listen if we
got something that we want to say
listening is a connective energy
learning how to quiet your own mind and
quiet your own thoughts and quiet your
own needs and desires and listen to what
the other person is saying you is
understand that you have to truly
understand what the person is saying to
you there is nothing that feels better
to a human being than to feel understood
the mission is to thoroughly and
completely understand what the person is
saying and what has been helpful for me
is to repeat back what the person has
said to you and then the V is validate
the things that you recognize as true in
what they say validate them as true yes
I get it
I understand that I see that got it so
the validation is a huge part of
creating a loving environment with a
person l UV listen understand validate
at its core a think love is help
everybody is having a hard time so love
is really devotion to their struggle
it's when you're committed to helping
somebody with their life helping them to
suffer less you know helping them to
manage their minds and their emotions I
think love is a deep desire for our
loved ones growth and their blossoming
and their all-around well-being when you
love somebody you want them to feel good
you want them to be happy and you want
to see them succeed in life and love
really demands an in-depth understanding
of their hopes and their dreams and
their fears their needs and trauma I
think love is giving and sharing our
gifts for the purpose of nurturing
empowering them and helping them to
create their greatest joys


什麼是愛?讓威爾史密斯來告訴你! (What Is Love?)

167 分類 收藏
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