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  • 00:00:04,725 --> 00:00:06,600 Unrest in Hong Kong broke out over the summer

  • and it's continued ever since.

  • 00:00:11,260 --> 00:00:14,559 But it may now have reached a critical turning point.

  • There are two new developments.

  • First, growing violence and a sense of chaos in the streets.

  • 00:00:24,460 --> 00:00:27,100 Second, an increasingly harsh tone

  • from the authorities in both Hong Kong and Beijing.

  • The shocking recent footage of a demonstrator

  • being shot in the chest by a policeman

  • and of a pro-Beijing counter -demonstrator being

  • doused in petrol and set alight have gone around the world.

  • After many months in which violence has been very limited

  • these alarming new developments have increased the sense

  • that events are now spiralling out of control.

  • The demonstrations, which used to take place on weekends

  • and did little to disrupt normal life,

  • are now spilling over into the week.

  • The atmosphere in Hong Kong is increasingly

  • anarchic with vandalism and disruptions

  • to public transport on the rise.

  • The violence, as well as increasing problems

  • on the public transport system, has led the Hong Kong police

  • to warn that the city is 'on the brink of chaos'.

  • But the police themselves are deeply

  • controversial with the demonstrators.

  • Carrie Lam, the city's chief executive

  • is using harsher language.

  • 00:01:33,380 --> 00:01:35,759 And Beijing's spokesman on Hong Kong affairs

  • has called for the introduction of a new national security

  • law in Hong Kong and more patriotic education, measures

  • which would further outrage the pro-democracy forces

  • in the territory.

  • All eyes will now be on local elections on November the 24th

  • where there are a number of pro-democracy candidates

  • running.

  • But there must be a risk that the situation in Hong Kong

  • will boil over even before the vote takes place.

00:00:04,725 --> 00:00:06,600 Unrest in Hong Kong broke out over the summer


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愈演愈烈的暴力事件為何讓香港處於邊緣地帶? (Why escalating violence has left Hong Kong on the edge | FT)

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