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Alright Get on those Campaign Caps it's time to go to venturing in one of The Year's Biggest
Rpgs Even if you Haven't Heard of It yet Larian studios Divinity original Sin 2
Considering Its Roots You might Not be aware of the isometric Turn-based RPg
Original Sin 2 has Been in Early access for
Exactly One Year But Now it's out officially and so far PC Players and Early Previews are Head over Heels for the hardcore
Turn-Based Rpg Pc Games and Calls It The best Strategy game since xcOm Kotaku clone Brilliant and
Thousands of Player Views on steam Seem to agree if you're
Just Now Hearing about the game we Thought we'd give you a Breakdown of What it is why players are so Excited about its release
That Way you can Know everything you Need to know before you go out and buy it
Divinity Original Sin 2 is fully Released Now on Pc so if you decide you like It you don't
Have to wait That's Jack not a net some of You Will no Doubt know That original Sin 2 is a Sequel to
2014'S Massive kickstarter Success Divinity Original sin The
Sequel Got its own Round of Campaign Funding as Well and Has Lived in Early Access since last
September Giving Players a Glimpse of What Would be in store for them for most of The Game's first act but Now they can finish
Act 1 and dive Headlong into The rest of The Game's Campaign
For The Most Part it's a Similar game to the first but with a couple of key differences
Namely That It Now Supports four Player co-op Which is awesome Plus There's Now a Much more mature story that is fully
Voice-Acted Evened Out With most of them My New NpC the story of This game Will be Familiar
to those who know about the divinity RPgs Which go back a long Way starting with divine Divinity back in
2002 That's Not The first game in the series official Timeline However Divinity original sin Was a
Prequel to divine Divinity with original Sin 2 taking Place after divine Divinity and
Fortunately You don't Need to have any prior Knowledge to understand What you're getting into if you didn't Play Those Games you can hop right
In in this setup for This Game's Plot Which happens generations Beyond original sin Bishop alexander the innocent has declared?
Sorcerers Illegal so now four of them are banding together to outrun the authorities and take the fight back to
Alexander The Greatest sorcerer ever Known
at the end
Someone Will have a Chance to become a God but a more on that in a Second
okay to
Tackle That Story you have quite a Few options you can Either create Your own Character or choose from Six pre tailored Origin Stories iF?
You don't want to Play As One However you can Just recruit those Characters as Party Members in Your own Story and if you choose
To make Your own character you can also use tags in your character Creation process Which are backgrounds that will help
Open Certain Quests Lines or Change the Way Npcs respond to you
Fortunately You don't have to experience This story Alone Given any Original soon to allows for seamless
Drop-in Dropout four Player co-op For the entire campaign But There's a Bit of a Twist Because Larian Considers This to be a
competitive co-op RPg as
for What that means well you might see two players in the same Party Going Head-To-Head if they so choose you can Also
Backstab Your party Members in The Middle of a Fight if you want Poison Their Bags with Bad Potions stow
Stolen Weapons and The hope set of City Guard might Put Them under arrest
But more Importantly Than That Party Members can End Up on opposing Sides that Make quest conflict Playing This Story Out from different Angles
Up to four players can do all This together online or you can Play Two Player at local Split-screen and
Toward The end of The Game Only one of You will have the chance to become a God and Get ultimate power hence the
Competitive so you Just have to figure out
How to resolve that once and for all on your own but hey you can probably fill in the blanks There
Before You Throw Down for ultimate Power though You'll Experience a Lot of Combat Together Which is turn-based and Relies on using Your
Environment and Your wits to overcome opponents and Beat The Odds
Use rain to douse fire then Bless the steam into a Healing Cloud for instance or
Teleport An oil barrel onto a campfire and detonate It and Blow Up everyone Around it
Tackle Those Battles with a Number of available Classes and there are a Lot of Them There's battle mage Cleric conjurer enchanter Fighter
Inquisitor Knight Metamorph Ranger Rogue Shadow Blade Wayfarer Witch and Wizard
and from there you have tons of skills to choose from as well
But Let's be honest we'll all end up as Thief Archers Somehow
Like Conjuring Is one of the different Skills you can choose It Summons Creatures from the void or Elemental Totems to fight for you
PolyMorphs can More Themselves or others to mimic Things from Animals Like Throw Wings so you can Fly Over enemies Plus
Well Way too many to go over in a ton of detail here and There's Like Huntsman warfare Necromancy scoundrel skills to boot?
Through All These Things Plus The numerous quest lines and choices offered By The game you can Friend animals
Teleport People Into fire sneak Steel Communicate with Ghosts Rip the Faeces off a Dead Bodies craft Equipment pizza
Of Course There's pizza persuade Enemies to fight for you
The name of the game is to do whatever you want Whenever you want the World is basically Your Sandbox
When you Get tired of the solo campaign there are other Ways to enjoy original sin too as well There's a PVP mode for instance
Although If you're a dick in a Bad party Member you can Kick-start
Pvp at Any Point Just by attacking One of Your friends However there is a
Sanctioned PvP area As Well Where You won't face the penalties of Death Like You would in the proper game
That mode Is Kind of Hunger Games ish There's a chest in the Middle of an area With boosting items and Bodies Strewn about That
you can Loot for source Points to use Skills against Your opponents each of Those Bodies is Guarded By Skeletons Try not to die
rupee and if You want even more emergent narrative
Of Course There's more emergent narrative There's also The d&D like a Game Master mode Where you can create Your campaign for Your friends Use
Existing assets and Maps or Work New ones to build an adventure That Allows You to do almost anything with a couple clicks
Okay Let's be honest probably more Than a couple but you can Click your Way to a campaign Anyway and then See how your friends
Try and Break It and
That Is a
Quick Overview of What you're Looking on with What This game iS all about for original Sin 2 which is Out now on Pc it
Has Keyboard and Controller Support It will Eventually Be Out on PS4 and Xbox one as well but There's no release date Just yet
You can Play It Along Play With Friends then make The mat so you'll ultimately be playing alone Anyway hey it's up to you
Are you planning on getting
Divinity Original Sin - Let us know in the comments share some of Your favorite Moments if you want to hear more about it we
Will Be talking about It on next Week's episode of glitch Please and for more news about the follows biggest Releases that Make sure
subscribe to the know to see more videos from our know before You go series Check out the playlists in the endcard


在玩神界之前可以先知道的事情 (Know Before You Go... Divinity: Original Sin II)

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