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Hey guys, it's Chika!
So I am at the YouTube Space Tokyo today
and I have a very very very special guest!
Will Smith!
Oh my gosh!
We made a little video.
Yes! We had fun.
Yeah, we had fun.
That was wonderful.
This was my first time in the YouTube space
and you took really good care of me here.
I wanted you to experience a little Japanese-y ness.
I love it. Love it. Love it!
Thank you so much.
And hope you guys check it out.
And don't forget to give us a like
at the end of the video and subscribe!
Oh my gosh, it's Will!
Are we gonna learn how to make sushi for real
or we just going to eat something?
and you know how to make it?
You've taken a class before?
We're gonna do it home style.
Home style! Okay.
That means you don't know how to make it...
I'm ready!
Well, welcome!
We're gonna sit here.
We're going to sit here.
We're rolling, everyone!
Lots of people in the room.
I'm not used to this!
I know. We're ready. Okay? Yes!
I'm hungry...
Did you have lunch?
I did not.
This is gonna be my lunch.
Okay, good!
So I hope you're really ready to teach me for real.
I was born ready!
You stay ready, so you don't have to get ready.
I know you've probably had sushi before.
You've been in Japan...
Quite a few times, yes.
Yes. I've never actually made any before.
I've never made my own.
That's what I figured.
Since I don't know how to make a real sushi.
I thought we could do a home style sushi,
which is actually something we do
quite a lot with your family.
And so I'm going to bring out some stuff
Yes. What do you have?
Should I help?
Oh, here it comes, here it comes!
Don't look yet!
Don't look!
I'm blocking my eyes...
Whoo, yes!
Have you seen sushi like this before?
I've never seen it in this fashion before...
the unprepared state.
So we've got rice.
Vinegared rice.
and we have also seaweed.
Oh, seaweed.
Okay, so it would be like hand wraps.
Hand-rolled sushi.
Hand-rolled sushi. Yes!
And there's not much to teach, really.
No! There is a special technique to it.
Alright, so let's get started!
So what do you do?
Here's some seaweed for you.
Is this what it is... like for you
when you're making movies having...
All that? Yes, absolutely.
I want to show my audience
what's going on right here
because I'm usually in my room filming by myself.
Plus, about 50 more people on the set
when you're making a movie
and then 400 more outside and then another...
you know, 250 in the office.
There's a lot of people when you're making a movie.
So the population density in Tokyo
doesn't bother you that much.
No, not at all.
Alright, so now we're going to take some rice.
Okay, so we think of sushi in the United States
as Japanese food.
Is it like that, or is it a delicacy
or is it just every day, the normal diet?
I mean, it's a major part of our cuisine.
But there are different forms.
So when you go to a really nice sushi restaurant,
you can't talk
because you have to be really quiet eating.
That kind of stuff.
Then you have the more casual,
the merry-go-round sushi.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So I think we present it in different ways
so everyone can enjoy it.
Got it, got it.
And this one's kind of the one
you would make it at home.
The fun thing about making sushi at home
is that you can play around with the ingredients.
Like this is beef.
That's beef.
Like you wouldn't normally put beef.
and that's natto.
Yeah. Have you ever...?
No. What's natto?
It's fermented soybeans.
Yeah, but it's not though!
That was a good one.
I don't know how I'm gonna translate that, actually.
Cream cheese, avocado, egg, salmon, okura.
So you can kind of play around with ingredients.
and that's what makes it fun.
Okay so then you take your wet towel
and you clean your hand.
Is it anything...? Is it just water
or is there another substance or something on the...?
Just water.
It's Just Water
For the 120 frames per second film.
Ah! See? Exactly!
That's right up there with "not though"!
Yeah, but it's not though.
And then you'll take one of these. Here you go.
See? All right, now this is a new thing
I've never done anything with one of these.
Except at the doctor.
It's a little big.
So, you're gonna scoop up some rice.
You usually dip it in water
so the rice doesn't stick.
Okay, does somebody have some water?
Wait, hold on! No, no, no!
Oh, you got Just Water!
I got Just Water.
Is that what that's for?
You don't know anything about making sushi either.
I thought I was coming and I was excited
and they say you're gonna teach me
how to make sushi and then...
Let's just wing it!
Alright, so you pull it out
and then you'll put some...
What you can do actually,
since you have this wet towel
that's very wet, right?
You can use your fingers to even it out.
You can use your fingers.
Yes, you can.
and then you can use it to even it out.
You wanna roll it like in a triangular...
Like a cone.
Roll it like a cone?
Okay, see how mine's kind of triangular like this.
Ah, got it.
So when you roll it, it's prettier.
Oh, okay, so it rolls better
when you do it that way.
Okay, and then you'll put whatever you like in it.
I'll try the natto.
What is it, actually?
It's fermented soybeans.
Fermented soybeans! Ooh...
It's got this very nice gooey, slimy texture.
Yeah, so...you know what?
I'll make this for you.
I know you were gonna do this!
So I'll do it with the natto.
What else goes with the natto?
Cucumbers are good.
Cucumbers are good with natto?
Oh squid.
Oh, you can use your chopsticks.
Oh, okay. So I'm gonna have to put.
How about that?
Does that go with natto, or...?
Everything kind of goes together.
So you can just be creative and have fun.
That's the great thing about hand-rolled sushi.
You can do whatever you want!
At home you just have fun!
and nobody watches you, judging you.
So I can put a little bit of that in there?
And then how about some of the wasabi?
Yup. Do you know how to eat with wasabi
so you don't taste the spiciness?
You put some wasabi in your mouth
and breathe in through your nose
and breathe out through your mouth.
In through your nose and out through, so...
So I take it and put it in my mouth. Right?
And you're saying that
when I put this with Wasabi in my mouth,
I'm not gonna feel the normal wasabi burn.
If you breathe in through your nose...
Okay, circular breathing?
Oh, sh*t! What am I supposed to do?
Breathe in!
It's not true...
It's not true...
You can get mad at my husband
because he told me that.
He told you to do that?
Yeah, that doesn't work.
Definitely, circular breathing doesn't work
to stop the Wasabi from hurting...
Well, Will's just gonna do his own thing.
Oh sorry!
No, it's good!
Oh, that's right!
You do the circular, kind of.
Oh, yes!
That makes all the difference in the world.
Like this!
Yes, then it's a cone.
And then the bottom you do the little fold...
Does that help?
So it doesn't come out.
Oh, he is gonna eat it!
I didn't think you'd eat it!
Why? Is there something wrong...?
Oh my goodness!
I didn't think you'd eat it!
This has been sitting out back for 3 days.
I thought we were just doing a vlog.
Do you like the natto?
Do you taste it?
I'm tasting it a very little bit, but it's good!
I really do like that.
Oh, good!
It was a little scary at first, right?
It doesn't resemble anything
I've ever eaten before.
But it's very tasty.
It's hard to talk with my mouth full, but...
it was very good.
How's your taste buds changed over the years?
You know, with sushi,
I've always loved sushi.
But as I've gotten older,
I've gotten more aggressive with what I can eat.
I'll try anything.
You weren't as open before.
Yeah, I was not open at all
when I was younger.
But I got to the point where I get excited
to try something I've never tasted before,
something I've never seen before.
What's the craziest thing you've ever eaten?
Craziest thing?
We have chicken skewers in Japan.
At certain places,
they'll have something called a Chouchin,
which means lantern.
And it's like the chicken meat
and it comes with like an egg attached to it.
Chicken meat with an egg attached to it.
So, it's an egg before it's actually been...
Before it's been laid.
Oh, okay. Yeah, that's interesting.
I hope I'm explaining that right.
So they go get it before it's been...okay.
I thought I was gonna say...you know,
I've eaten alligator.
Oh, I've had crickets.
Have you ever eaten crickets before?
Chocolate covered or raw??
No, they were just fried crickets.
Was it good?
You know, it just tastes like a potato chip.
You can probably put it in here.
Yeah, it would be great.
Because you'd get the little crunch.
I'm gonna make one more.
Oh, good!
Will likes it!
Because I can feel that I'm really good at it.
I may be about to start a sushi restaurant
when I get home.
I mean, I'm sure people can see my natural talent
you know, for this is just coming through.
So, what are you gonna mix this time?
This time, I'm gonna go with an avocado.
I think I'm going to go here.
Oh, you know what?
That's another thing.
There's probably a certain science
to what you put in there that I can tell
I don't know either.
I guess texture.
It's fun to mix up the textures.
Yeah, something like that. Right?
Yeah, that was too much.
But I'll just put a little bit in there.
What is that?
That is mayonnaise.
I'm not gonna put that in there.
It actually goes pretty well with sushi.
At my restaurant, we're not gonna have mayonnaise.
I didn't think you'd get so into it!
This is great!
I'm enjoying this.
I like sushi a lot.
It's one of the...you know,
when I know I'm coming to Tokyo,
it's one of the things that I really look forward to.
Do you ever eat sushi back in the States or...?
I live about...sorry.
You have rice on your finger...
I'm hungry!
This is the perfect opportunity to do an interview
and have something to eat.
I live about 10 minutes from Nobu in Los Angeles.
I've actually been there before!
Oh, really? It's fantastic.
We went to Nobu here the other night too.
So, just to talk a little bit about your film.
Oh, yes, sorry.
I forgot about that.
Can we go back to that?
I think I know why he is as good as you.
He is you.
What is so special about Gemini Man is
at the center of it
you have 2 characters played by 1 person
across generations.
You're looking at Will
who's looking at his younger self.
That's a phenomenal experience for an audience.
I play both 50 years old Henry and 23 years old Junior
who is sent to kill him.
I know! I forgot!
We were supposed to be talking about Gemini Man.
I'm glad you liked it!
Yup. It's fantastic. I'm very happy with that.
And what do you think about making it yourself
and kind of picking out your own ingredients?
I really enjoy that!
Yeah, it's fun.
Well, I was excited when I got the idea
that you wanted to do sushi together
and I didn't realize I was gonna enjoy it that much.
That's wonderful.
Yeah, me too. Yay!
I started my channel to teach Japanese people English.
So I started with lesson videos
and now I do kind of traveling,
just fun ways to kind of be exposed
to the English conversations.
So I was wondering if you could give us
3 adjectives to describe younger you?
Younger me?
and 3 to describe "now you".
Whoo...okay, so the 3 to describe younger me...
One, let's go "naive".
How has that changed?
There can be overlap.
Yeah, there's some overlap.
Are you gonna put the words on the screen?
Should I show where they are?
I thought the "fearless".
Oh, sorry!
And the older me...
Let me see...
That's pretty tough, huh?
No. Because I have one that I want to say
but it doesn't feel like it.
Because I feel like I've become wise.
But I'm wise enough to know I'm not wise.
Yes, "wiser"!
And on YouTube,
we see a lot of people making videos
"a message to my younger self", right?
And I kind of want to take it the opposite
and if your younger self was to give you a message now,
what would he say?
He would say, "Man, you have got to get in the gym.
You're getting a gut!"
I don't see it!
He would say,
"You're wearing all baggy shirts now, dude!
You gotta get back in the gym!"
I think my younger self would tell me
to not take it so seriously.
To stop thinking about outcomes.
Forget about outcomes.
Just play and dance.
Just to have fun.
In Japan, culturally, we're very sensitive to age.
Like aging.
and if you get older, you can't do certain things
and what people think of you
like "you're too old to do this".
That's interesting
because the impression is different in America
of Japanese aging.
In America,
when you think about Japanese people aging,
you think about health and wisdom.
So that's the impression.
So the impression of a Japanese elder
is what you would strive to want to be as an elder.
Oh, that's an interesting perspective.
But when it comes to challenging yourself or careers.
I mean, it's a new generation as well, right?
You're right. Absolutely.
Given that, what's age to you or aging to you?
It's interesting.
There was a book I read a couple of years ago.
He talked about the idea of 10,000 hours
being the amount of time it takes
to a human to master something.
Outliers. It was Outliers.
and he talked about
if you're willing to apply 10,000 hours to something,
you will be a master.
I always thought that was an interesting concept
and what it really said to me
even outside of the mathematics of it
that your life is about your time and your attention.
Where do you put your time
and where you put your attention
is going to be what your life is.
And at any age that you apply time
and attention to something,
you can't help but move toward mastery.
And it's just how bad do you really want to do it
is what it comes down to.
So it's almost an excuse, right?
Yes, absolutely.
Age can definitely be an excuse.
So with my husband,
we have a 1-year-old daughter as well
who couldn't be here today.
But we do a lot of travel videos
and we're actually taking 3 months at a time
to live in different countries.
Because we want to share different, you know,
ways of thinking and cultures.
And I know you've been all over.
Is there a place that you would like to live?
Maybe not even long term,
but if you could be somewhere for like 3 months
just to experience more.
I think...somewhere in the Middle East.
I love Dubai.
And I've never really spent extended time
in the Middle East.
I have a real pull and a real draw to the Middle East.
Yeah, you know, I would love to live in Dubai.
What about Dubai was kind of.. pulled you?
I just love how boldly they dream in the architecture
and in the establishment of this city
from nothing but sand.
I love the boldness of how wildly they create.
It really speaks to my heart
to attack your dreams in that fashion.
We're always thinking, you know,
where do we wanna go next?
Yeah, Dubai is definitely something we'd consider.
Dubai is fantastic.
So, we got you to eat some sushi.
Are you good?
I am fantastic!
I actually have one more
special kind of sushi I'd like to share with you.
Why "uh-oh" ?
Because you saved it for last.
This was nice, right?
This was spectacular.
But you were hiding it.
Are you ready for this?
Okay, so we actually found a sushi artist
that makes these.
Whatever this is.
So you don't even know what it is!
No, I know it!
So this is one roll.
and we're gonna open them up.
Are you ready?
I'm ready. I'm ready.
That's hilarious!
That is fantastic!
and that's not it! Wait!
That's genius.
Younger Will.
That is very, very cool.
That's fantastic.
Will Sushi!
Will Sushi!
I think that's my new nickname, Will Sushi.
A sushi artist named Tama-chan created this.
That's hilarious!
That is wonderful.
Because I probably can't eat myself.
I'm not gonna eat myself.
Yeah, I was wondering if you're gonna take a bite of it.
Thank you for your time and being on the channel.
You're like mesmerized by this.
I know! I'm like "that's some good artistry there."
Okay, this one looks like Jamie Foxx a little bit, but...
That is fantastic.
But it is hard because you haven't changed!
I mean, you've changed but...
you know, they had to make you look older
in the film, right?
I know. They had to grey me up a little bit...
to make the contrast.
So I think it was a difficult project.
Thank you so much!
If you wanna say something to the Japanese fans?
Yes! Which one?
Middle camera.
This is a very exciting film.
Gemini? You say Gemini.
I hope you enjoy it.
The technology, the action...
I think there are some aspects of this film that
will be some of the most amazing shots
you see in a movie this year.
So I hope you enjoy.
Yeah, it was mind-blowing.
Creating a digital human is one of the hardest things
you can do in visual effects.
This is not de-aging.
This is not face replacement.
What you see for his junior is
completely digital creation.
100% driven by Will Smith's performance capture.
I could've have played Junior at 23 years old
but now I'm able to understand
and capture both characters
because of the amount of experience that I've had
as an actor.
I was telling my viewers how nervous I was for today.
You know...going from the session
The first question is for you, Will.
With Gemini Man,
they've created a 100% digital human of a younger you.
and I wonder what your first reaction was
when you first saw that.
Because I get excited
just looking at the younger self filters
on Instagram and Snapchat like "oh my god!".
So I can't even imagine what it was like for you.
Every time I look at, it's such an amazing thing.
It's scary but it's also very exciting
pushing the envelope of what we can do in film.
Thank you so much.
Give us a big like!
Don't forget to subscribe.
I'm sure you already know about it.
But Will has his own YouTube channel.
Yes, exactly.
And you can subscribe and like over there also,
if you'd like.
Alright guys, thank you so much for watching!
A huge thanks to Will Smith for being on the channel
and we will see you guys again soon.
Alright, thank you so much!
Alright, guys!
Oh my gosh! A huge day just ended.
I hope so!
Alright guys, thank you so much for watching!
Don't forget to give us a big like
and I will see you guys again soon.
Go check out Gemini Man!
In English, it's Gemini.



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