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well talk about size and volume the world's largest shopping event a single
state brought to us by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba kicked off
today and within the first 90 seconds of it going live the company says a process
in astonishing 1.4 billion dollars worth of consumer orders are home.you reports
millions of people waited for the clock to strike midnight to start clicking
their way through the limited amount of items on sale and just within the first
hour Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba said it had racked up a staggering 13
billion u.s. dollars in sales on its tenth annual Singles' Day event on
single-stage China's version of Cyber Monday and Black Friday shoppers were
eager to shop for items such as cosmetics clothes and furniture from
200,000 different brands Alibaba says over 500 million users are
expected to browse shopping sites such as Teemo and to bow over the 24 hour
period consumers also rare goods worth some 8.16 billion dollars within 18
minutes beating alibaba's entire day sale in 2014 last year Alibaba posted
Singles' Day sales totaling thirty point eight billion dollars almost four times
the online sales made on Cyber Monday in the US the Chinese e-commerce giant
started a single say shopping event on November 11 2009 Singles' Day was started
in the 1990s by Chinese college students as a celebration for people without
romantic partners while China's economy has been slowing due to the impact of
the us-china trade dispute Alibaba Singles' Day trading performance has
drawn attention as a gauge of consumer vitality and the world's second-biggest
economy who you are Iran news


2019 雙 11 光棍節阿里巴巴集團營業額創新高 (Alibaba says Singles' Day sales hit 91.2 billion yuan in first hour)

160 分類 收藏
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