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You've studied hard and done your best in your exams – but now they're over,
What do you do next? The next step is an important one.
Here are our top tips to guide you through the post-exam period.
Firstly, don't overthink your exams too much. They've finished, and it's time to move on.
If you have passed your exams – well done – you now have a qualification to prove your skills
But if you haven't, all is not lost: think about what you've already learned.
Whatever your results, take a break – chill out!
You've worked hard and deserve to give yourself a treat.
Throw a party, go on holiday, stay in bed all day – give your brain a rest before you have to start thinking about your next options.
Then next, if you have been successful, put your qualification to good use.
Maybe use it as part of an application for university or a new job.
Alternatively, you could think about studying English to a higher level and getting a further qualification.
This might mean taking another exam though!
If you didn't pass your exams, don't panic! it's not the end of the world.
You could retake them - just think about the areas you need to improve on and focus on these.
Maybe your teacher could give you some feedback.
But if a qualification isn't so important to you, just think about all the language you've learned, and not just these skills, but the study techniques you've picked up along the way.
These are transferable skills!
Whatever your pass mark, go and use what you've learned.
You need to continue using English so you don't forget it.
Keep speaking and writing English and continue to improve, and use it to make new friends.
But don't forget the friends you've made on your course too and the fun you've had.
Good luck!



考試如何得高分?BBC 告訴你六招考試技巧! (Exam skills: 6 tips about what to do after exams)

3174 分類 收藏
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