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  • On the Friday following Thanksgiving, millions of people rush out in hopes of finding good bargains and the best deals.


  • It is a yearly tradition that has become known as Black Friday.


  • Where did this tradition come from?


  • Why does it have such an unusual name?


  • Christmas shopping was big business for most of the 20th Century, but it's only been rather recently that the phenomenon of Black Friday has existed.


  • The trend of launching the Christmas shopping season the day after Thanksgiving was probably started by the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.


  • Macy's is a large department store in New York City, and they used their yearly Thanksgiving Day Parade as a way of jump-starting the Christmas gift buying season.


  • Other stores caught on to the trend, and thus, Thanksgiving Day became the day that the Christmas shopping season officially began.


  • Over time, it became an unwritten rule that stores would never start Christmas promotions before the day after Thanksgiving as most stores were closed on Thanksgiving Day.


  • However, recent years have seen major retail chains kicking off their Black Friday sales as early as 6 PM on Thanksgiving Day!


  • There are multiple stories as to where the phrase "Black Friday" came from.

    關於 "黑色星期五 "這個詞的由來,有多種說法。

  • The most widely circulated belief is that this is the day when most stores begin to turn a profit.


  • This comes from an expression that has existed for years.


  • A business that is showing a profit is known as "operating in the black."

    呈現盈利的企業被稱為 "黑色經營"。

  • Whereas, a business that is in debt, or has not yet made more than it has spent, is referred to as "operating in the red."

    而負債累累的企業,或者還沒有賺到比支出更多的錢,則被稱為 "虧本經營"。

  • The terms "blackand "redreferred to the color of ink used to indicate either profit or debt.

    黑 "和 "紅 "是指用來表示利潤或債務的墨水的顏色。

  • While this is a clever explanation of the term "Black Friday," there is little evidence to support the claim.

    雖然這是對 "黑色星期五 "的巧妙解釋,但幾乎沒有證據支持這一說法。

  • The true origin of the phrase probably comes from Philadelphia in the early 1960s.


  • The local police began to use the phrase to describe the horrific traffic and overcrowded sidewalks of the downtown shopping area on the day after Thanksgiving.


  • The term began to grow in popularity throughout the 1970s and eventually grew to be used worldwide.


  • It has become well known that Black Friday is "the busiest shopping day of the year."

    眾所周知,黑色星期五是 "一年中最繁忙的購物日"。

  • However, this has not always been the case.


  • In fact, in the 1990s, the day after Thanksgiving would frequently rank from 5th to 10th on the list of busiest shopping days.


  • However, since 2004, Black Friday has assumed the top spot and will probably not relinquish it any time soon.

    然而,自2004年以來,"黑色星期五 "已經佔據了榜首的位置,而且可能不會在短時間內放棄它。

  • It is estimated that over 225 million shoppers take to the stores each Black Friday and spend over $52 billion.


  • This averages out to nearly $400 per shopper, just on this one day!


On the Friday following Thanksgiving, millions of people rush out in hopes of finding good bargains and the best deals.



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What is Black Friday?

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