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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 377. The title of today's lesson is the
difference between mean to do something and mean doing something. Yeah. They sound
quite similar but the meanings are very different and they're
used in different ways. So let's look at the note here. Now mean
to do something basically means this. It means that you plan to do something or
you had the intention of to do something. So if we say to mean to do something
that's what it is. You're planning to do it. You're hoping to do it. You had the
intention in your mind of doing it. Okay. Let's continue.
So here's a couple of examples. I meant to pick up some toilet paper on
the way home, but I forgot. So here when you say I meant to pick up some toilet
you, you plan to do it. You had it in your mind. When you left work. Oh, I had better
stop at the supermarket or wherever it is. The drugstore wherever it is and pick
up your toilet paper. Okay. The second one here. I meant to do some research on that,
but I have been too busy. So you were planning on doing it. You had the intention
of doing it , but maybe you're too busy. you didn't get to it. Okay.
All right. Now mean doing something. Mean doing something actually means to
involve doing something. So whatever this is, this involves this. Okay. So here's a
couple of examples this way. Being a weightlifter means going to the gym
every day. So this involves this. If you're going to be a weightlifter, this is what you
will have to do. It involves going to the gym every day, lifting weights for
probably... I don't know five, six, seven hours. That's what that means. Okay. Good.
The second one here. Being a fireman sometimes means risking your life to
save others. So this is what it involves, if you really want to be a fireman, there
might be a number of times in your life where you may have to risk your life.
Hopefully not every day, but you know, if you're a fireman long enough this
probably going to be a number of times It's probably going to be at least dozens
of time throughout your career where you may actually have to risk your
life to do it. Okay. And, and here's a couple of examples where student might
mix them up. All right. So this is the first one being a good teacher means to
prepare your classes. So this is the more likely way you might mix it up.
No. Of course this should mean involve doing something. So being a good teacher
means preparing your classes. This is what it involves. You have to do this in
order to be ready to teach and you know so that you're more prepared for your
class when you teach. Being a good student means to study hard every day.
No. Being a good student means studying hard every day. It means doing something.
This is what it involves. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it's clear. I hope it is
informative. Thank you for your time. Bye- bye.


Tutor Nick P Lesson (377) The Difference Between Mean to Do Something and Mean Doing Something

22 分類 收藏
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