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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Idioms
288. Today we're actually going to cover two idioms and they're both very similar
in meaning. So that's what we're covering both at the same time. The first one is
actually "to the nines" but it's probably most often heard as "dressed to the
nines" and the other one is "dressed to kill. " All right. Let's continue. The idiom to
the nines means to the greatest degree or to the greatest perfection. Okay.
It tends to be most often used in the phrase "dress to the nines. " There are
several theories of the origin of this idiom you know, how it came about. One is
that it came from the 99th Wiltshire regimen known as the nines. So that
therefore that's where the nines would come in. And they were famous for their
stylish high-class uniforms. Okay so this is one possible theory. Others think it
may be related to the nine muses of art and learning in classical mythology. Okay.
Or possibly the Nine Worthies who consisted of distinguished historical
figures that that medieval scholars ... you know, scholars during the Middle Ages.
Medieval scholars thought were worthy and Noble including such notable figures.
So these are just some of them that you know, more people would know such as
Julius Caesar is one. King Arthur, Alexander. Probably Alexander the Great,
Hector that might be from Troy maybe. I don't know but those are some of the
more notable ones. So the nine worthies. So, so those are three possible theories of
where they think you know, to the nines came from. Okay. Let's continue. Let's go
to the next idiom now. If someone especially a woman he's dressed to kill.
She is dressed in a very fashionable attractive and usually in sexy clothes.
Could you use it with a man ? Maybe but you know, I think about it maybe
like James Bond. Maybe James Bond was dressed to kill.
You know, when he went to the casino you know, it's a gamble. It would it would
have to be something like that. I think it's much more often used for women,
especially when they dressed in a very high-class sexy way. We might say dressed
to kill. Okay. All right. Let's continue. Okay.
Some believe the origin of this term comes from Napoleon's Imperial Guards.
So all the soldiers who were an elite group in charge of protecting Napoleon. You
know, back at that time they were probably like his personal bodyguards.
They were usually dressed in uniforms that looked like tuxedos with tails you
know, like when you have a tuxedo when you have that part that's hanging in the
back. So they had tails and everything was of the best quality. So a lot of
people think dressed to kill came from that. So anybody that touched Napoleon
would be killed. So they were dressed to kill. I guess that's the idea behind it.
All right. Anyway when we give three examples here to cover the rest of this.
So here's the first example. She was dressed to kill for a hot date.
You know, maybe just very beautiful. Maybe some sexy evening gown. We might say it
that way. Or number two here. The royal family dressed to the nines for Prince
Harry's wedding. Yeah. That would be a typical way. Or you can say all the
celebrities will dress to the nines for the Academy Awards. Okay. Anyway, I hope
you got it. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you,
you thought it was informative. Thank you for your time.


English Tutor Nick P Idioms (288) Dressed to the Nines and Dressed to Kill

31 分類 收藏
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