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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Adverb Phrase 25 . The adverb phrase today
is born yesterday. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here.
If someone says that another person must think or acts like he or she was born
yesterday, he or she is saying that the other person that other person who's
saying it , must think he or she is gullible, easy to fool or easy to trick..
Gullible is also a person that that believes almost anything. Easy to fool,
naïve, not smart, etc. Okay. Good. Let's continue. The idea of this phrase alludes
to a newborn that is only one day old and is of course naïve. If the baby's
just born of course they know almost nothing. They don't hardly know anything
at all. They just know that they feel discomfort and they usually can just cry.
And that's about all they do know. They're, they're an open book. That's the way we
sometimes say it. So and could not possibly be aware if someone was trying
to trick or deceive them. So that's the way we use it you they say like they
must think I am like that. Like that baby, that is only one day old. Okay. Let's
continue. We have got four examples to cover all this. So this is just the way you may
hear it used. Number one. I cannot believe he expects me to accept that excuse. He
must think I was born yesterday, yesterday. So that excuse is just too
ridiculous or too stupid. He must think I was born yesterday.
That I would accept such a stupid excuse. Something like that. Number two. Of course,
I know that. Don't treat me like an idiot. Yeah. You often hear people say
something like this. I wasn't born yesterday. So if somebody was treating
someone like they were a fool or an idiot they might say this in this way.
?All right. Number three here. Do they really expect
us to think those reasons are acceptable? They act like we were born yesterday.
That we can't figure this out. That we can't see through this. Okay, and the last
one. Number four here. Don't talk down to me. You know, like you were either
somebody younger or older or you know not as smart. Like I am a child. Don't
treat me like I was born yesterday. Okay. So this is exactly how you hear it used.
Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it's clear.Thank you for your time.


English Tutor Nick P Adverb Phrase (25) Born Yesterday

26 分類 收藏
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