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My senior year my routine went viral
with over 100 million views.
“Amazing routine!” “Best performer in the country!”
Along with this came a lot of attention and opportunities.
But I couldn't capitalize on them.
“One of the biggest stars in collegiate gymnastics …”
“Katelyn Ohashi …”
I was handcuffed by the N.C.A.A. rules that prevented me
from deriving any benefit from my own name and likeness
regardless of the fact that after my final
meet I had no pro league to join.
The N.C.A.A. is a billion- dollar industry
built on the backs of college athletes.
How different would things be for me
had I been able to use my image
and name my last year of school
in order to promote the things that I
want to further my future?
I want to make sure that the next person doesn't
have to wonder.
“And now there's some big news in California”
“Gov. Gavin Newsom signed ... "
"... their 'Fair Pay to Play' bill." "It allows college athletes to be
paid for their name, their image and their likeness."
"It's going to set up this huge showdown
between the State of California
and the N.C.A.A."
"The N.C.A.A. will likely challenge this in court."
The “Fair Pay to Play Act” is not
about paying salaries to college athletes.
It's about empowering student athletes to rightfully earn
off their individual name and likeness without sacrificing
the opportunity to get an education.
It's about making sure if a student-athlete's
jersey is still selling in the bookstore
10 years after graduation, that they get a cut.
It's about recognizing that women only
receive 4 percent of all coverage in sports media,
and giving us the freedom to leverage sponsored deals
to break through.
It's about treating student athletes
with the same respect as any other student who can freely
profit off their talent as writers,
artists, D.J.s, programmers or scientists
while in college.
Critics say that allowing student athletes
to earn endorsement income will
come at the expense of Title IX or nonrevenue-generating sports.
But from experience, allowing an athlete, especially
women or Olympic sport athletes who, for the most part
are staying and graduating
from N.C.A.A. institutions, to take advantage
of unexpected moments like I had, empowers us to help
finally earn what we deserve.


Why Can't I Make Money Off My N.C.A.A. Career? | NYT Opinion

35 分類 收藏
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