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I almost just perched myself right on the old arm there.
You should have done that and acted like nothing was wrong.
Like, that's the way you were going to sit.
Well, that's what I did-ish.
You handled it very well.
It's good to see you again.
It's good to see you, always.
Always good to see you.
I saw you a few weeks ago.
I gave you the award, Power Woman of Hollywood.
You're the most powerful woman--
Maybe-- I love that you say that to me though.
That means so much.
It's true.
You got the award for it.
There was a couple of women that got the award for it.
But I was one of five, six.
But you were the most powerful of all of them.
And let's be honest.
OK, Ellen.
It was wonderful.
It was fun.
It was fun.
The prompter broke.
It sure did.
You were there.
First of all, thank you for coming and doing that for me
and introducing and giving it to me.
It was my pleasure and an obligation.
I understand.
As a best friend.
As a best friend-- well, OK.
So I said, she's one of my closest friends,
I'm one of her closest friends.
And then she comes out and says, don't
say that, I have a lot of best friends in the audience.
Well, I did.
Well, I know.
But why don't you just play along with me
and let me be your best friend?
Well, that's probably the "coda" in me--
co-dependent, taking care of my friend's feelings.
You know?
That's sweet of you.
That's why you're my best friend.
That's how I take care of you.
And I take care of-- we--
I'm coda--
Take care of each other.
--as well.
We make a great match.
It's a wonderful friendship.
That's why we're not together.
So yeah, so the prompter broke.
Yes, the prompter broke.
They were trying to fix it.
I went out and I--
You went out, and you danced with the electrical guy
that was--
I was giving him time to fix it.
So I danced--
But wait.
Did you show what you actually did to him?
Well, no.
I kind of grinded on him didn't I?
You did.
I did.
Kind of?
You did.
He didn't even know it.
Well, could you imagine if he was
like, oh, let me take a moment and enjoy
this-- when the world is falling apart, in his mind?
Yeah, I know, poor guy.
But anyway, so you were wonderful.
And then you came the very next day
to the Gorillapalooza event, which was very sweet of you--
because you had to get up early in the morning to do press.
So thanks for that.
Thank you.
You're just saying all my good deeds for the weekend.
Yeah, because you did a lot of wonderful things.
I did a lot-- even, I went to visit you after the award,
on Friday, when you were getting a haircut.
You sure did.
You stopped by.
I get a text from Jennifer and it says, do you have a belt?
And I'm like, what do you mean do I have-- of course
I have a belt. Why are you asking if I have a belt?
No, first you said, this is Ellen, who are you texting?
And I said, I'm texting you.
I need a belt.
I thought you'd be texting a stylist.
I mean, why text me, do you have a belt?
Let's jump to this very important information--
not information yet.
But you'll give it to us.
When are you going to guest host the show?
Oh, This show?
Don't you want her to guest host this show?
I'm dying to guest host it.
So when do you want me to do it?
For my birthday, or your birthday.
Or in between.
In between.
Why don't you do that?
But you won't be here.
The whole point is--
No, the whole point is you guest host, and I'm not here.
It's my day off, and then you're here for that.
All right, great.
Can I call you from the set?
Yeah, you can.
All right, Jen is here for a while.
You're not leaving for a while, and we're
going to play a really fun game, my favorite game.
You'll see.
And then she's going to make a big announcement
about the "Friends" reunion, which is going to be fantastic.


艾伦 (Ellen Grills Jennifer Aniston on Her 'Close Friend' Comments)

126 分類 收藏
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