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Welcome to our new apartment.
It's 5pm and I'm still drinking coffee.
That's not a good sign. It means I'm gonna be up until 4am.
But it's okay!
I'm very excited to show you guys our new apartment.
When we first moved in I started filming vlogs
about updating every single part of our apartment
But then I just decided I wanted our house tour to be a surprise.
so instead of uploading videos every week like a normal YouTuber
and making a normal living
I just wanted to make one video after three months
which was not a smart decision.
So I hope you guys are impressed with our surprise apartment.
This is our new living room.
I have room to sit here on our beautiful new blue rug.
This is Nagi's sleeping spot.
He likes to sleep here right in front of the TV.
He is just a precious, precious little cinnamon bun.
This is now where I edit videos, on our coffee table over here.
Maybe this is a weird spot for a coffee table.
You still work sitting on the floor.
I hate sitting in chairs.
It just reminds me of office work and it's not comfortable.
I can't sit with my legs planted, like feet on the floor.
It's so uncomfortable. I don't know how people sit like that. I hate it.
I have my amazingly comfy couch that we brought from Aichi.
It was this beige-ish, brown color but I wanted it to be white, I guess.
Because I am very daring with our cats.
So I found these like, uhh white, recliner...
'Cause this is a reclining couch.
Hang on, check it out. I have to find the reclining thing.
So I found like, uhh... reclining covers on Amazon.
And it works pretty well but
after sitting on it for like three weeks it started pilling
So I got this super white, fluffy bed cover
to sit on now so it's extra comfortable.
He likes it.
Sleeping on this couch. ALL of the cats like it.
It was great a great deal, too.
It was the outlet store, right?
Yeah, yeah. This was on sale.
It was like 70- 60% off? 70? Whatever, we put that in a different vlog.
Yeah, 60, 70% something like that.
Yeah, and we have this lovely new entertainment system
from a website calledー oh my god.
He's so cute. Did you see that?
He just yawns and rolls over.
I will never get over our cats.
So we got this beautiful new entertainment system pretty cheap
off of a website called Lowya.
But not a single one of these pieces was numbered in any way.
They have the instructions in four different sections.
So we're building this and each part is built separately.
All of the pieces where interspersed throughout all of the boxes.
And turns out, each section uses its own numbering system.
These two boards are exactly the same...
But this one is #7 for section 3
and this one is #8 in section 1.
And the thing is... in section 1, the opposite board is #7.
I have labeled the pieces by number and by section.
We have a couple of miscellaneous pieces on the couch
that do not match any of the pictures.
I'm sure we'll figure out what they are as we go along with this process.
I have to go through the boxes of the hardware.
For all I know those aren't going to be labeled either. Let's see.
Okay, great.
My worst nightmare confirmed.
It's just giant bags of mixed pieces and nothing's labeled.
I separated and labeled everything.
I'm extremely exhausted.
I have no motivation left to actually build the entertainment system.
It's past midnight~
8 hours later...
Are we going to have that clip?
What's that thing from?
Spongebob. Spongebob?
How do they speak?
How do they say it?
8 hours later
Nagi went to the vet this morning to get his vaccines.
Yeah good boy.
Thank you.
The vet said you're overweight.
Oh, this isn't that heavy.
This is heavy on my side.
After we built it, it turned out lovely. I love it.
These lights are not a part of it. We added these lights.
While we're working throughout the day Jun likes listening to those like...
Chill... lo-fi beats to... relax/study to.
It's not my first choice so we compromise
and listen to Skyrim Music & Ambience - Towns [10 Hours].
I like it a lot.
These are our Final Fantasy Master Creatures.
We have them on display now.
So we can look at all of our favorite video game monsters that they've made figures out of.
Jun does not like my cow.
He keeps asking if he can move it.
But I say no.
He's a very beautiful cow and he deserves to be here.
These are our wedding alpaca.
They sit right here prominently on display above our TV.
Jun's sister got them for us when we got married.
The reoccurring theme of our apartment will be fake plants.
We have a few real plants
but you have to be really careful with cats because a lot of the plants
ーespecially here that they sellー
are poisonous if cats chew on them.
And our cats like to chew on plants.
Yeah. Poor plants.
Hydrangeasーthat was really bad, too.
Plus it's easier to take care of fake plants and they're always green.
This is the other side of our room.
Normally we would have the curtains open
but then this video would be backlit and it would be too difficult to see things.
We now have all of this open space right here.
Just a ton of open space.
We can move around. Our cats can play. It's great.
Our old apartment was very, very tiny.
This apartment is so much better, guys!
We have our table out again.
We can use our table and our couch and everything.
This is our cat corner.
You may have seen our vlog where we built our new cat tower.
Oh, why don't we demonstrate one now.
You're such a good climber!
Look at you go!
Because it's very narrow it actually doesn't take up that much room
Compared to our old cat tower. Mmm.
And I just like the shape of this one.
It's very nice. The cats enjoy it a lot.
Where're you going?
All right he's going somewhere. See yaaa~
This is our cat corner/cat shelf.
They've got beds on every level of it.
We've got their toys and litter and everything in these drawers.
And then their litter box is down below.
Kind of out of the way.
I like it. We spent so much time and effort into this.
Making it look nice and kind of hidden from view.
This is a cat corner.
They have another litter box in our bedroom but they'll always come back and use this one.
Yeah I know.
is the new kitchen. :D
This is Jun's Kitchen part 1.
As you can see we have many fake plants everywhere.
Jun was not a fan of the fake plant wall
but it's grown on him.
I insisted.
Otherwise it's just a big, plain, white wall.
I see what you did there.
It was boring.
It's GROWING on me.
Ahaha it's growing on him.
We went to so many furniture stores when we were looking up furniture for this apartment.
And Japan has like one type of kitchen cabinet right now
which we do not like.
I feel like it's gonna be out of style in a few years and then
every kitchen cabinet will look old.
I just didn't like it.
So we ended up finding this on a website called Dinos.
It took like eight weeks to ship here?
It took forever to ship here
and the quality ended up being pretty crappy.
If we just let the doors go they slam shut.
It's really loud.
It's pretty cheap quality.
But we can close everything which means no cats getting into things,
not as much dust getting into things.
And then they have these drawers.
So when we want to use our oven/ microwave/toaster oven we can just open this.
Or when we want coffee, just open up our coffee spot.
I almost broke this a couple times...
Yeah, it's pretty cheap.
But it works and I like the end result.
We were also able to save a lot of money.
Another thing we like about this is is that it's all flat on top.
So the cats can be up here.
So a lot of times they'll just sleep up here.
This is one of the choice sleeping spots for our cats.
We have a bunch of Everfresh plants. This is a real tree. He's pretty.
Look at him. Look at how much growth... He's grown so much.
This is a happy tree. Yeah.
This is our new office.
We have a pachira here.
Here's our desk that we moved.
Because I can't work sitting on the floor.
I need my desk.
Some people like sitting at desks.
These are from Lowya as well.
I just like the color and shape and
again everything is shut so no more cats getting into things.
And no more dusting.
This is our art wall.
This is the art you guys have mailed to us.
We love it very, very much.
There is an over-representation of me and Jun though
and a very large under-representation of any of our new cats
so please mail us art of our cats
so we can put it up on this wall.
We got amazing cat...
Yeah, we got these from Animazement I think last year?
Thank you so much for this.
We love them. They're very adorable.
I have more fake leaf walls from Ikea.
I mean why not
Better than plain white wall.
We have a fake leaf wall in almost every single room now.
It's beautiful. I have no regrets.
I don't care if you guys judge me. I love my fake leaf walls.
We just want to live in a forest. I want them everywhere.
And you know what, apparently these squares are like $5 in America
but here in Japan they're only four dollars
and this month and last month they were on sale for buy 3 get the 4th free
so really they were $3 each
which is not a bad price for fake leaf walls.
So we have fake leaf walls everywhere.
We tried to calculate how many of these we wanted for the kitchen
and the genkan and it came out to 36,
which may not sound like a lot... but it's a lot.
Hey hey hey I didn't vacuum.
I don't want cat hair.
You're just like Haku when he's hungry,
dropping *MEOW* just because he wants attention.
I'm so tired.
Haku, where are you going?
What are you doing?
He's settled.
He's happy.
Shall I unsheathe our olive (fig*) tree?
Let's do it. Nagi's watching you. Behind you.
On the entertainment system.
You watchin, buddy?
Oh Rachel, you scared him.
Look at him.
He's so happy!
My parents generation and my grandparents generation,
they all have like entire corners in their attics or basements
where they store like Christmas decorations and stuff.
And I just don't want to keep things in storage that I'm not using anymore.
Like I don't need it in my apartment. I don't need it in my life. I want it gone.
So I had a huge box of kimono items that I got a few years ago on eBay.
They were really beautiful and they were all like 99¢ each starting
and no one else was bidding.
So I got a whole bunch of kimono stuff for 99¢.
But it was just taking up room in a box.
No one really wears kimono. It's very rare to wear an actual kimono.
So yesterday we went and sold all of it
except for a few pieces, which I kept.
And the pieces that I kept I put on display
because I don't want things that I'm not actually using anymore.
So I kept my favorite obi.
This is so beautiful, isn't it? Yeah.
I love it so much.
This is another one of my favorite obi that I kept on display here.
And then I have one more obi over here.
This one is also very beautiful.
Anyway, let's move on.
This is our toilet room
which we have again super Ikea-fied.
I just have fake plants everywhere 'cause I like them!
It's very beautiful.
This is our toilet bird, Greg.
Say hi, Greg.
We have these beautiful deer art from Ikea.
This is our bedroom. We have our other Ikea deer in here.
This is a real tree. He's a bamboo tree.
I like him a lot.
He's very spicy.
Spicy? Yeah.
He's very pretty.
Some time like a year ago I tweeted that part of my dream house would include
two gigantic beds pushed together to make a monster bed
so that when I sleep at night I can
stretch out like a starfish
as is my rightful destiny.
And that was not a joke.
I love my giant bed.
It's amazing.
My bed is 14cm higher than Jun's bed
because I have two of these really, really squishy pads from Nitori.
I just sink down. You see how much I'm sinking into this?
It's the most comfortable thing ever.
This makes me so happy. I love this bed so much.
Here's our genkan.
I Ikea-fied this wall completely
to make a gigantic leaf wall with mirrors in between them.
What I did not realize about these mirrors is that
if you don't put the tape in the exact same position
the mirrors get disconnected and then
it doesn't look...
I look like, you know, the illusion where you cut your body in half.
And then I look like I failed.
Turns out if you get these mirrors from Ikea
you really have to make sure that you put the tape in the exact same spot.
Otherwise it does this.
Lesson learned.
We also have a lovely balcony spot
that we have completely Ikea-fied as well.
And this is Jun's Kitchen part 2.
We had an extra room.
And what else would Jun do with an extra room
other than turn it into a second kitchen.
Why not?
I mean, I was able to do this thanks to Patreon.
So I really, really appreciate people who support me there.
Thank you so much.
So now Jun's going to be cooking in two rooms.
Yeah, sometimes this room, sometimes the white kitchen.
For two just completely different aesthetics.
This bar I'm growing herbs.
The middle one isn't herbs, but yeah, fresh herbs.
These are knives. It's a lot easier to access now.
And this is a rock salt light.
Sometimes when I make dessert or sushi I use this
rock salt to add some salt on it.
Another knife shelf.
And these are... I normally keep dried herbs when I actually make food.
Coffee siphon, shaker... these are for drinks.
And this part, another herbs.
These are mints. Different type of mints.
So this is my room/my 2nd kitchen.
I really can't wait to start making videos. Thank you so much.
We are so incredibly happy and thankful to be here.
Last year was a bit rough for us
but I feel like this move was legit the best decision we've made since we got married.
This city is amazing and we have some awesome new friends.
Thank you guys so much for helping us get here.
Now we're going to save a lot again and build a house in the future.
Ooooh you're such a killer.
Get it, boy.
Good job.
We have exciting news.
Here in July in Fukuoka there'll be
a Japanese language and culture course. Jun and I will be joining for lunch one
day and to make these a little konpeito candy.
The course is going to be held by Sayaka.
It's called the Fukuoka Language and Culture Experience with Take me to Japan.
It's going to be from July 1st through July 26th.
You'll be able to experience things like learning a little bit of Japanese language
Plus learning Japanese culture through fun activities.
If you want to sign up, spaces are very limited.
Please click the link in the description box down below.
Thank you to Take Me to Japan for sponsoring this video.
And I hope you guys enjoyed our house tour.
We'll see you later! Bye!


Our Japanese apartment tour!

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