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K: In
K: and out.
K: Move your leg. Bring it forward.
J: Oh!
K: You're cheating.
J: I don't know if I can!
Hey! What's going on guys?
Today I am in Osaka and I am going to challenge myself to my first ever
Yoga class!
And as you guys know man,
I run, I play basketball, I do a lot of physical activities
but stretching and yoga is not my thing man.
I'm just not flexible at all
so I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous, I'm a little bit worried right now.
No worries, we have one of the best instructors in town today.
She is the world-renowned pole dancer.
Her name is Kira.
I feel a little bit better…I hope!
All right guys, well let's go inside, let's check it out and hopefully after this class, I'll be nice and flexible.
We'll see.
Let's go inside.
J: Oh wow! First time doing yoga?
S: Yeah.
J: Oh nice.
J: I feel a little bit better now.
K: Knee to the chest. Push the other leg straight.
K: Right ear to the right shoulder.
And I'm going to use my right hand to just hold my head in place.
So in this stretch I don't want the head to come up.
I want to keep it down.
With my left hand I'm going to lift it up
and I'm going to turn my palm to face away.
From here, really really slowly,
as slow as possible, bring the arm down.
So around here,
for me, I feel a really big stretch on my neck.
When you feel that stretch, stop.
K: So the next step,
we'll just have our hands just in front of you flat on the floor.
Without moving your hands, try to pull your body towards your hands.
Relax your legs.
From here, sliding down to your elbows.
J: Are you laughing at me?
J: This is my best right here.
J: My best.
K: I know. You don't like this stretch.
J: I don't like this at all!
K: Thank you.
J: Well let's give Kira-sensei a big round of applause.
And if you guys are interested, she also teaches a lot of stretching classes online
so this was just a part of it, right?
about stretching exercise
K: Yeah a bit of everything.
J: A little bit of everything.
J: So if you guys have questions, you can come and talk to her afterwards.
Thank you very much! It was such a fun class.
K: I'm glad you could be my assistant.
Ohhh! Now that was a workout guys.
I'm just one stiff guy you know?
But nonetheless, I had a good time.
I'm really glad I did it because it made me realize I need to start stretching.
So um I hope you guys enjoyed it.
It was a very painful experience for me but I hope you guys had a good laugh out of this.
I will try my best to start stretching but I can't promise that.
Anyway guys it was just a fun little outing today at the yoga class just for you guys to enjoy
and hopefully I can do something more like this and challenge myself to things I've never done before.
Because you know what?
It's always fun trying new things out right.
Thanks for watching today guys. I will catch you again next time.
Take it easy, peace!


英語でパワーヨガ with Jun【#167】

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minami.kuo 發佈於 2019 年 11 月 8 日
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