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I was there to do a job, but I was still nervous about being found out or making mistakes.
So this is the jacket I'll be wearing.
It's quilted, which is good when it is the hottest day of the year.
So you have got to basically block her path.
That girl...
I don't know. I don't know, man.
You can, you can.
I think she seems - she's too young for me, man.
It doesn't matter. Even if she is underage, it is not illegal to stop someone.
I'll try someone else. I feel uncomfortable. Pick someone else for me.
That was a good target.
I know, I just think she's - I don't know - she seems too young.
Not for me.
I have to show that I am interested, and engaged, and agreeing with what they say
when internally, I'm thinking about my sister, cousins.
If they were to bump into these guys, would they be using that on them?
The more she relaxes in your environment, the more likely she is going to stay there longer.
Taking off their shoes. Some girls can be annoying. If they are already in their shoes
and their jacket she will be like 'OK, nah, that's enough for tonight.
We will leave the rest for next time'.
Obviously, that can sometimes be frustrating.
They want lots of... a written permission slip from her that's it's OK that we go all the way.
It is a nuance, obviously. You have to feel out the right moment
and sometimes it is your job to push things forward and lead.
It is basically ways in which you can easily sleep with someone
when they don't seem that keen. So that whole conversation, which lasted
hours was so uncomfortable.
I'm Myles, nice to meet you.
Myles. Michael. Michael?
Myles! I loved that. Nice.
I was just like... it is a good nickname, but it is not a very good one for an opener
is it?
She made you feel like a kid again, right?
My stomach just seemed to drop. I was thinking right, what am I going to say now?
They know I've got my name wrong, I'm in a conversation with someone else
so while having that conversation I was having to think of what my excuse is going to be.
As soon as I saw the security tables going into the British Museum,
I just thought 'This is it,I'm caught'.
They were emptying jackets. If they were to do that to me,they would have seen everything.
Let me put this microphone on you.
They decided they wanted to mic me so they could hear my conversations with the
women that we approached,
and they just so happened to want to put that mic on me themselves,
and they chose the one place where I already had a mic.
As you can imagine, that was a really stressful moment. They are rooting about in this pocket
which I know if they root around in there long enough they are going to feel cables
but luckily my glasses case was in there so I got away with it.
It was like being caught directly in-between fight and flight mode.
I wasn't hungry, I didn't need to go to the toilet, all I did was drink water all weekend.
I think I was just constantly on edge.
Hi Eddie, I'm Myles Bonnar from the BBC.
We actually help men. If anything, we prevent rape culture so men have the skills to not
have to
to get involved in anything illegal or anything non-consensual.
You are telling your students that they should approach teenagers.
Not true, not true. The thing that I teach is exactly this. Find out how old the girl is
before you do anything sexual.
You were teaching men how to pressurise women into having sex.
Last-minute resistance?
That's not true, no, no, no.
You don't remember that, no?
No, no, that's not true.
You have done nothing wrong?
And you don't think you are breaking the law?
Of course not.
It is hard to kind of sum up the feeling. It was, I suppose, a mix of excitement and
because you are just constantly on edge. But you know you are there to do a job so that
part of it does make you feel quite determined to get the things that you set out to do.


My exposé of a ‘seduction bootcamp’ - BBC News

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