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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:02,490 We're back with Brad Pitt, super fan.
Super fan.
Super fan.
Since the late 80s, early 90s?
Yeah, we met-- do you remember where we met?
I remember Melissa Etheridge pool party,
where I think you were hitting on my girlfriend.
Was I hitting on your girlfriend really?
I think so.
I was flattered.
All right.
I actually since then have dated another one
of your girlfriends.
We'll talk about that later.
After the show.
Congratulations on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
Have you all seen the movie, by the way?
Thank you.
Oh my god.
I loved that movie.
I loved that movie.
And it was just like there were so
many different genres and elements even though it was
set in a certain time period.
It was-- and your co-star--
He's pretty damn good.
Yeah, that co-- no, not Leo the dog.
Did you see--
I love Leo.
She's good too.
I love--
She's good too.
Explain-- because they must've put something
on your face for that to happen.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
OK, Tom Cruise, my friend, will tie himself
to a side of an airplane, and it will take off and land.
I put applesauce on my neck so a pit bull could give me
love and affection.
I don't know who was braver.
Yeah, that's-- it's a trained dog, but yeah.
00:01:30,290 --> 00:01:32,250 Wow, it just takes applesauce, huh?
Yeah, so I'm talking about the movie,
like everybody cares about acting.
But really,
It's the scene that everybody is talking about.
The scene on the roof when you take your shirt off,
and I speak for everyone when I say every--
Everybody, yeah.
00:01:59,190 --> 00:01:59,700 Now Brad--
To my male friends in the audience, I'm sorry.
So you knew you were going to do this.
And do you work out like crazy anyway,
or did you work out like crazy extra
because you knew you were going to do this?
Oh, really?
You can take it down.
Take it down.
Well, he's a stunt man, so he's going to be in--
Gotta be in physical shape, so yeah.
I prepared.
An actor prepares.
Just for that movie, or do you like to work out anyway?
Do you work--
I try to stay healthy.
I try to do something physical a few times a week.
What do you do?
Hit the gym, I do some running.
I do some weights.
Throw some weights around.
Do you bench press?
What's the heaviest you've ever bench pressed?
I don't know.
I don't know, and I don't work that hard.


艾伦秀 (Ellen Reveals She Dated Brad Girlf)

200 分類 收藏
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