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So in this, video I'm gonna review my trip on Singapore Airlines!
Alright, let's go fly!
♪ upbeat intro music ♪
Well, she was super nice, she like made all the efforts to try to get us the seats we wanted, oh, that's awesome!
The toilets are so cool in Japan!
Alright, we're about to get on the flight.
This way, on the right.
Smooth check-in, and the cabin attendants were super pleasant!
They showed me some love by handing out wet towels and walked around offering drinks throughout the entire flight!
They kept asking me for refills!
Now that's what I call service!
Cabin Space: the pitch on these economy seats are fairly standard,
But nonetheless, it still felt kind of tight like my clothes after an all you can eat yakiniku night.
Aside from that, I love everything else about the cabin space, like these seat pockets,
folding table with a dope mirror, snazzy footrest, a contouring headrest, and a decent reclining seat.
Wow, just sitting down, I'm already amazed by all the facilities they have here.
They even have USB chargers,
Oh wow! And they even have a hanger!
They have an awesome television set and this controller for the screen almost looks like a PCP controller
PCP? I mean PSP. PCP is a drug. Stay away from drugs kids.
And the movies here are amazing! They got a really, really, cool selection of movies! So cool!
And the in-flight headphones are pretty impressive!
Instead of your standard headphones, they offer earbuds and with three sets to fit all sizes
And if that's not enough for you audiophiles, you can plug in your own headphones, just like...
This is really cool! They have some really awesome stuff!
I like the fact that they have toothbrushes, and they have combs, and they have all these amenities for you,
just to feel a little bit more comfortable when you're flying with Singapore Airlines
But for personal amenities,
It's pretty standard.
So I give it a:
"You Can Do Better Next Time; 3".
Singapore Air! Where my slippers at?
Meals: Check it out!
I thought I'd get one bag of nuts, but I actually got two bags! That's nuts!
Another excellent point about Singapore Air is that even economy class gets a menu book in English and in Japanese?
And if the meals don't fill your tummy, you can order additional snacks sandwiches and drinks throughout the entire flight!
This is a Western meal. It has a giant hamburger steak, seafood salad, and not so warm dinner roll.
It's actually bigger than I expected!
Pretty big, yeah, pretty hefty.
It's pretty moist, but I don't really like the sauce so much it has this
medicinal aftertaste. Not my favorite.
And this is a Japanese meal:
Yakitori, somen noodles and appetizers. Oh, and I forgot to record the Haagen-Dazs ice cream at the end of the meal.
That's pretty good!
Get the wassabi in here.
I like how there's all these toppings that you get to put in the sauce.
The noodles are kind of hard. The sauce is pretty good, but the noodles could be a little bit better
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♪ upbeat outro music ♪


Singapore Airlines Economy Flight Review | Is it Worth It?

627 分類 收藏
ayane 發佈於 2019 年 11 月 7 日
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