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If you're visiting Japan, you're probably going to visit a shrine or two I've lived in Japan for quite some time now
But when I first came here, I didn't know there was a proper way to shrine in this video
I'm going to show you the do's and don'ts on how to shrine in Japan don't worry
It's not too difficult and if you get it all right Japanese people will love you for it
Let's get started before entering the main shrine area
You've got a cleanse your body at the Tamizha
Also known as a water Pavilion scoop of water and a ladle with it right hand pour water
Over your left hand and then switch hands and wash your right hand now
Take some water in your left hand and rinse your mouth, but don't drink. It finally rinse the ladle with a remaining water like so
No need to wash your head. We're not taking showers here
Don't put your mouth directly on the label. That's gross and no hands cooking. That's also gross
Don't take the water home of you
don't play with the water and
You don't have to claim that much now
You're ready to walk towards the main shrine area use only the sidewalk waves like this and whatever you do
Don't walk in the center. This is reserved for the gods. Don't pick them up
Passing through the Gate bow wants to say hello to the God
no, Karate kid' bows
or curtsies
our special Dance move
Also, the Shrine is like God's house. It's super rude to enter into the side
Or the back door
At the altar you've got to throw some coins into the side Sandbox also known as often look five yen in
Japanese sounds like good fortune, so include five yen if possible, but any amount is fine
just throw it in quietly and keep it simple stick the money and
No three-pointers to pray bow twice
clap twice and then pray
Then bow one more time the number of vows and claps may differ from Shrine to shrine. This is a basic pattern
No turn stick two claps. No need to go overboard with this and don't wish too much
You're supposed to be thinking good more than you're supposed to be wishing for your own stuff
Finally when exiting a shrine you need to bow one last time to thank God for the hospitality
Don't be rude walking away without saying goodbye and don't bow facing backwards
God doesn't want to see you, but there are several other rules to note. No running
No drinking
No, climbing statues even for that perfect selfie also before you go to the shrine make sure you have the proper attire
They don't have stick rules nowadays, but covering shoulders and wearing clean shoes is always good
No hat or anything else ridiculous manage for temples and Shrines are a bit different?
But as long as you remember these
Basics you won't embarrass yourself and most of all your japanese friends will love you if you like this video and want to see more
Tips about Japan feel free to subscribe to my channel. See you guys in the next video


Japan Shrine Manners | DONT make FOREIGNER MISTAKES

302 分類 收藏
Erina Hagi 發佈於 2019 年 11 月 7 日
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