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What do you think of a work week that would only be four days?
I'd take it.
Me too.
In a heart beat.
I'm leaving right now.
Ok, so Microsoft introduced a trial at its campus in Japan over this summer, and the results are in.
For the month of August, employees worked a four-day work week and were urged to cut down on time spent on e-mails and meetings.
The results might surprise you.
While the time spent at work went down, productivity went up.
And the increase wasn't insignificant.
Employee productivity, Jordan, went up almost 40%.
That's a lot.
And the impact was widespread.
More than 90% of Microsoft's 2000 plus employees said they were impacted by the measures.
And the company even saved on other resources like electricity.
Who would have thought about that?
Makes sense.
Less time at work... the productivity went up 40%.
I say we try it.
I'm ready.
We still need to have a show on that day.
You might not see me Friday.
Would I have to do it like live at my house.
That would be fun.
Hi, welcome into the kitchen.
I've eaten three bags of Cheetos and two gallons of milk.
Jordan, I don't know if we need to go into that dark part of your life.
You don't want to do that.
You don't want to see what happens when the cameras go.



好想週休三日!日本微軟辦到了! (Microsoft conducts 4-day work week study)

4539 分類 收藏
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