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  • Hey Tolt! I was wondering, how do you film people in your travel films?

    嗨 Tolt!我想知道你都是怎麼在旅遊影片中拍攝人像的?

  • Are you serious?


  • Can't you see I'm in the middle of something?


  • Oh yeah?


  • Well...


  • Are you serious?


  • I was filming her!


  • Okay, let's get this over with.


  • Hey GlobeTolters! Welcome to the first part of the making of "Don't go to Taiwan."

    GlobeTolters 大家好!歡迎收看【不要去台灣幕後花絮】的第一集。

  • If you haven't seen the video yet, make sure you click right there.


  • Before I share some basic tips on how to film people in your travel films, I think it's essential to talk about gear.


  • So for this project here is all the gear we used: A Sony A7III and a Sony A7RII filming me right now, on which we mounted a 2470 G master, and a 1635 G master, and a 24 mm 1.4.

    在這部作品中,這些是我們用到的所有機具: 一台 Sony A7III ,也就是現在這在拍攝我的這台,配戴著 2470 gm 變焦鏡頭,和一個 1635 gm 廣角鏡頭,和一個 24 mm 1.4 廣角大光圈鏡頭。

  • These cameras and lenses are pretty great.


  • They can pretty much adapt to any lighting conditions, and the image quality is really amazing.


  • For filming, we mainly used the 2470.

    以拍攝來說,我們通常會使用 2470。

  • This lens is so versatile it can probably cover 90% of your needs.

    這個鏡頭是很萬能的,他大概可以提供你 90% 的需求。

  • You can shoot close-ups, wide shots, and held following shots, and even extremely close-up shots that kind of look like macro, even though it's not really macro, provided you have ND filters of course.

    你可以用來拍攝特寫、廣角鏡頭、隨拍鏡頭,甚至是看起來像微距拍攝的超特寫鏡頭,即使它並不是真的微距鏡頭;而它當然也提供了全波減光鏡 (NCD filter)。

  • The 1635 is also great for filming, but we mainly used it for landscapes and some face cam vlogging shots even though you can also use it for medium shots and get a very nice bokeh.

    1635 也很適合拿來攝影,但我們主要只用它來拍攝風景或是一些 vlog 的自拍鏡頭,雖然你也可以拿它來拍攝中景,並得到許多很棒的散景。

  • We didn't use the 24 mm so much except for low-light shots for which it's wide aperture can be very handy.

    我們沒有很常使用到 24mm,除了在拍攝弱光的場景時,因為它的大光圈會讓拍攝更加便利。

  • We also have a Sony alpha 6300 on which we mounted a 1018 mm.

    我們也有一台 Sony A6300 ,配戴著一個 1018 mm 的廣角變焦鏡頭。

  • We actually only use this one on a crane plus gimbal because it's important to have a light and compact setup when you're traveling and having long-day shoots.

    我們只有在相機三軸穩定機 (crane plus gimbal) 上使用它,因為在旅行中長途的拍攝,有輕巧簡約的裝置是很重要的。

  • Last, we did our drone shots with a Parrot ANAFI.

    最後,我們使用 Parrot ANAFI 空拍機拍攝了無人機的鏡頭。

  • I really like this drone because it's very compact and easy to fly.


  • And now let's get back to the first question: "how do I film people in my travel films?"


  • The first thing you should know before you film someone is whether you want the fourth wall to be broken or not.


  • For those who are not familiar with the concept, it basically is a performance convention in which an imagined wall separates actors from the audience.


  • For filmmaking, a performer ignoring the camera means the fourth wall is not broken.


  • Do you want people to be acknowledging the camera?


  • Or do you just want to steal natural moments?


  • I personally like to mix.


  • Traveling is about discovering customs, so I like to capture locals in their spontaneous daily lives.


  • But traveling is also about meeting and bonding with people, and looking into their eyes is probably the best way for the audience to experience this feeling.


  • Sounds pretty obvious, but filming someone without him or her knowing is the best way to get a candid reaction.


  • But don't get me wrong, I'm saying you can get it afterwards because unless you're using a telephoto lens the person will eventually notice you're filming her or him.


  • And when she or he notices, a smile is generally sufficient to get an implicit consent.


  • If you're not comfortable with filming sneakily, don't be afraid to ask.


  • Depending on the country you're visiting, you will probably have people saying no.


  • But it shouldn't break your confidence.


  • It's better to get a no than waste a potential yes just out of fear.


  • And trust me, a big smile usually convinces most people.


  • If you're filming someone who actually agreed to perform for you, the best way to get a natural performance is to have your actor forget that they're being filmed.


  • And this works with both amateurs and professionals.


  • To do so, you only need to have your performer distracted by making him focus on an action.


  • It doesn't have to be complicated. A simple direction like "grab this,"or "keep doing what you are doing" usually works pretty well.


  • Imperceptible expressions can say a lot, and to make sure you get those tiny facial gestures, you need to shoot as much as possible and in slow motion.


  • The good thing with Sony cameras is you can switch custom settings very quickly.

    Sony 相機的好處就是可以快速地切換客製化的設定。

  • So whenever I'm about to film someone, I switched to my slow-mo setting. That's how you get those essential eye blinks, frowns, and smiles that give character to your film.


  • Don't forget that you're not filming an animal or an object.


  • So even if the language barrier makes it harder, take the time to actually share a moment with the person.


  • You can explain what you are doing, you can say where you're from, and try to learn about the human being you're facing.


  • It will not only help your subject to relax and treat the camera as a person, but you can also end up with a very nice story to tell on your other social media.


  • The portraits I post on my Instagram tend to have way more engagements when I tell the story of my subject.

    我放在 instagram 上面的肖像照片中,通常都是有附上背景故事的照片會得到更多的關注。

  • And of course, it will make your travel experience way better.


  • That's it for my tips on how to film people in your travel videos. Make sure you like if you enjoyed this video, and feel free leave a comments to share your tips.


Hey Tolt! I was wondering, how do you film people in your travel films?

嗨 Tolt!我想知道你都是怎麼在旅遊影片中拍攝人像的?

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