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  • Hey Guys, my name is Tucker Bowe, staff writer at Gear Patrol, talking AirPods, AirPods Pro, just announced yesterday.

    嗨,我是 Tucker Bowe,Gear Patrol 的專職作者,來聊聊 AirPods 與昨天才剛發表的 AirPods Pro。

  • Here are five cool things you need to know.


  • No, not me.


  • This isn't a new phone.


  • So first things you need to know about the AirPods Pro: they came out today, they cost $249.

    你該知道的第一件事,AirPods Pro 今日 (10/29) 上市,價格為 249 美元 (台灣售價 7,990 元)。

  • They're essentially the upgraded version of the AirPods, and yeah, you can pre-order right now.

    AirPods Pro 基本上就是 AirPods 的升級版,現在已經可以預購了。

  • And they'll expecting to ship October 30th.

    預計 (美國) 10/30 出貨。

  • So second thing: when I say upgraded versions of these guys, they're upgraded for a couple different ways.

    第二件事,我說它是 AirPods 的升級版,它在許多方面都有升級。

  • First off, they have new modes that are active noise-canceling earbuds, same as like Sony's WF-1000-XM-Three's.

    首先,AirPods Pro 有新的模式可以主動降噪,就像 Sony 的 WF-100-XM-3。

  • So these have active noise-cancellation and transparency modes.

    AirPods Pro 有主動降噪與通透模式。

  • And what you do is you just go in the Control Center, just like you would with your normal AirPods, but there's new mode. You can turn Active Noise-Canceling on or off.

    只要到控制中心,就跟一般 AirPods 一樣,只是多了新模式,你可以自由開關主動式降噪的功能。

  • And, or you can switch to transparency mode.


  • So, number three: these are actually water, splash, sweat resistant.

    第三件事,AirPods Pro 防水、防潑水、甚至防汗水。

  • So you can actually run with them.


  • And they actually have the same sweat and water resistance rating as the Powerbeats Pro, which are you know, the Apple and Beats wireless running headphones.

    且它們的防汗與防水等級與 Powerbeats Pro 相同,也就是 Apple 與 Beats 共同推出的無線耳機。

  • Normal AirPods, although you know a ton of people run in these things, Apple has never released, you know specs or ratings within terms of like water and sweat resistance.

    至於一般的 AirPods,雖然會有許多人戴著跑步,但 Apple 其實從未發布過它的防水防汗係數。

  • So you probably shouldn't run with them.


  • You can because a ton of people do, but if you wanna run with AirPods, these are what you want.

    當然你如果要從眾也可以,但如果你真的想戴著 AirPods 跑步,AirPods Pro 是你的最佳選擇。

  • Four: so you'll notice right away that these won't fit like normal AirPods.

    第四件事,你馬上就會發現它們戴起來跟一般 AirPods 不太一樣。

  • They have a silicone ear tip, and they're supposed to go in your ear canal, so they're snugger fit.

    AirPods Pro 有矽膠耳塞,它們會好好地、舒適地卡在你的耳朵裡。

  • But Apple has actually integrated a technology called Adaptive EQ.

    Apple 還推出了一項科技,名為適應性等化。

  • And you put these on, you fit them with the stock silicone tip, and then you run a test within the Settings of your AirPods, and it'll actually tell you if it's a good or not a good fit.

    你戴上有耳塞的 AirPods Pro,到設定裡可以跑測試,它會告訴你這個耳機合不合耳。

  • And if it's not, you can readjust them, run it again, and if it's still not a good fit, you can swap them out for the small or the larger ear tips.


  • But it's actually pretty neat because you know, I don't think any other wireless earbud has ever like had this technology where it actually tells you if it's fitting well.


  • And five: these earbuds look and feel differently.

    第五件事,AidPods Pro 看起來與感覺起來都與 AirPods 不同。

  • If you notice, shorter stem, longer stem.


  • These are the AirPods, these are the AirPods Pro.

    這邊是 AirPods 另一邊是 AirPods Pro。

  • Also the case: they look very similar.


  • They're very similarly sized. This is actually more horizontal.

    尺寸相近,但 Pro 的盒子較長方形。

  • But they're both still very pocket-able.


  • So they're essentially, very, very similar and they can both be your everyday earbuds.


  • It's actually pretty interesting to me because essentially you have noise-canceling earbuds that are sweat-resistant and that sound better than AirPods, so they're an elevated version of AirPods in every way.

    這還蠻吸引我的,因為有了降噪功能,還能防汗,且音質比 AirPods 好,基本上就是 AirPods 的全面升級版。

  • But still at basically $100 more, are most people gonna care that much about better sound quality, noise-cancellation, and sweat resistance?

    但價錢也高了 100 美元 (台灣價差 2,700 元),大多數人會在意音質、降噪與防汗功能嗎?

  • Maybe.


  • If you're normally running with your AirPods and you love them, but you're kind of like afraid that they're gonna kind of shake out, then AirPods Pro are great.

    如果你會戴著 AirPods 跑步,但你又會怕它們掉下去,那 AirPods Pro 是個好選擇。

  • If you want noise-cancellation, AirPods Pro are great.

    如果想要降噪功能,AirPods Pro 是好選擇。

  • If you want better sound; if you wanna actually hear the bass in you wireless earbuds; this is what you want.

    想要更好的音質,想要透過無線耳機聽到低音,選擇 AirPods Pro。

  • AirPods are still great. They're probably gonna still be the best-selling wireless earbuds.

    AirPods 還是很讚,它們可能還會是最熱銷的無線耳機。

  • The Pros: little bit better in every single way; little bit more expensive.

    至於 Pro,各方面都有提升,但價錢也稍微昂貴。

  • And if you wanna spend that extra money, you know go for it. If not, these are still great.

    如果有多餘的預算,就買 Pro,沒有的話,一般的 AirPods 也很好。

Hey Guys, my name is Tucker Bowe, staff writer at Gear Patrol, talking AirPods, AirPods Pro, just announced yesterday.

嗨,我是 Tucker Bowe,Gear Patrol 的專職作者,來聊聊 AirPods 與昨天才剛發表的 AirPods Pro。

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