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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 171. The verb phrase today is pay
off. Okay. We have four meanings and uses of pay off today. All right. So let's take a
look at the first one here. The first one is to produce a profit or some significant
benefit. All right. So we have two examples of this one. Someone might say my
investment in that stock really paid off. I tripled my money. So whatever you put
into it... let's say he put like $2,000 into it. If he tripled his money.
Maybe he got six thousand in return. So he tripled his money. It paid off well
for him. Number three. All the extra studying and preparation I did for the
test paid off well. I got a score of 98. Now, of course this is not an investment in
money. But it is a... it is, it is a significant benefit. You put in a lot of
work and your work paid off. So it brought you a benefit. You are able to
get a high score on the test. Okay. Number two here. To pay the full amount of
something that is owed. Like you , you could pay off a bill . We hear that all
the time. Okay. So it took me 10 years to pay off my school loan.
Yeah. We'll especially use it for something that took a long time to pay
off. Like for example if you just go to the restaurant and you eat food, we would
probably just say you pay the bill. Not pay off the bill. But if
it's if it's like a loan or something that takes a while to pay, then we often
say to pay off. Something that you probably had to pay in installments or
you had to pay for a while. You know, maybe pay off your mortgage or something
like that. So let's continue. We got the second one here. He got in such serious
credit card debt, he was unable to pay it off. He had to declare bankruptcy. So you
could use it that way too. All right. Number three here. To pay the wages that are due
to an employee after being fired. So here's the example. The boss fired him
paid off the last of his wages and told him never to return to the premises
again. So this would be a case probably where he got really angry, fired him. Said
here, here's the last of his money. I never want to see your face again or something
like that. Get out of here. So he just paid him off, so that he wouldn't have to
see him again or he wouldn't have any excuse or reason to return. Okay. Or
number four here. To bribe someone. Yeah. We use it a lot this way. You pay
somebody off, you bribe someone. So let's look at the first one here. It was
discovered that this Olympic judge was paid off to favor a particular
country's athletes. Yeah. Remember a number of years ago there was a case
where I think it was ice skaters. I forget the countries , but I remember that
the one that won the gold medal actually was a girl that fell and normally if you
fall on the ice you can't win. You, you can usually get no medal and they still
got the gold. So that's when they did an investigation. That's when they found out.
A lot of times if the Olympic judges are paid off, it's really hard to find that
out or figure that out. But if it is something like a case like this, maybe they might
investigate enough to check it out. Otherwise it's really hard to prove. All
right. Let's look at the second one here. That politician was paid off to
vote against this bill. He received large campaign donations to
buy his vote. So it was kind of an indirect bribe. But it was still a bribe
nonetheless. Maybe they donated a lot of money to his campaign and maybe even
promised to do more if he would vote you know either for or against something. So
that's a way of bribing politicians. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. I
hope it was informative. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (171) Pay Off

18 分類 收藏
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