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-Imagine having to run the country
when you can't even speak confidentially
with your counterparts in other countries.
Well, that's an administrative coup d'etat.
I mean, it's not overstatement to say that's what it is.
-This leak and coup campaign -- did it in Russia,
did it with Kavanaugh, it's the same damn thing.
-They tried the coup, they tried the witch hunt,
they tried the 25th amendment, now this is coup part two.
-This is not an impeachment -- that implies lawfulness.
This is a coup attempt,
a continued coup against the president.
-This attempted coup, another attempted coup.
-Illegitimately remove this president from office.
If the Democrats are successful in removing the president
from office, I'm afraid it will cause
a Civil War-like fracture in this nation.
-Engaged in, literally, a coup d'etat.
-This is an attempted coup
of the president of the United States
that's been going on for almost three years now.
-Desperate, radicals Dems', uh,
coup attempt against the president -- again.
-I said this all day yesterday,
I think this is all about the coup.
-Coup attempt of this president --
I don't call it an impeachment inquiry,
it's an attempt to overthrow a president.
-He's going to tell us whether or not the media
is in on this coup to unseat the president.
-This is basically a coup in the form of an informal in--
uh, impeachment inquiry.
So, this is -- this is -- uh --
extra-constitutional as well as unconstitutional.
-We should be calling it what it is, which is a coup.
-They are really attempting a coup.
-We call it what it is, it is a coup.
-You know, if it wasn't your show,
Sean, they would destroy him absolutely.
You're the difference between,
uh, Donald J Trump and Richard Nixon.


Fox News warns impeachment inquiry is Democratic ‘coup’ of Trump

19 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2019 年 11 月 4 日
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