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- You know, many of these meteorites
are billions of years old.
Imagine you holding that in your hand,
the earliest part of the solar system.
It feels amazing.
(playful orchestral music)
My name is Naveen Jain, and I'm an entrepreneur.
I started the collection about five years ago
and many people would say that I probably do have
the largest collection of meteorites in private hands.
When you look at the stuff and people say it's just a rock
until you see in the microscope and see, oh my god,
what you really have in your hand is space gems.
I am just such a curious person.
So, when you're holding a piece of moon in your hand,
it's not just a piece of moon.
It's really symbolic of what we as humans are,
which are explorers.
When we get inspired, what do we do?
We look up.
Every star that we see is really
one square inch of our own galaxy.
So, when something falls on Earth,
we have no idea what body it came from.
This is a great meteorite.
This has 20-plus amino acids,
so it's quite likely these amino acids
became the foundation for who we are today.
So, when someone says we're looking for aliens,
all we have to do is look around us.
We all could be aliens.
This is a great meteorite.
The whitest stuff that you see
is the earliest part of our universe.
And many of these things have formed
at the time of the Big Bang.
There's no doubt in my mind
that space is going to be a next frontier.
And it's a very simple reason:
every single thing that we value on Earth
is in abundance in space.
We are just nothing but a tiny pale blue dot.
(light pop music)


不只是石頭 : 遇見隕石人 (More Than Just a Rock Collection: Meet Meteorite Man)

209 分類 收藏
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