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  • - You know, many of these meteorites

  • are billions of years old.

  • Imagine you holding that in your hand,

  • the earliest part of the solar system.

  • It feels amazing.

  • (playful orchestral music)

  • My name is Naveen Jain, and I'm an entrepreneur.

  • I started the collection about five years ago

  • and many people would say that I probably do have

  • the largest collection of meteorites in private hands.

  • When you look at the stuff and people say it's just a rock

  • until you see in the microscope and see, oh my god,

  • what you really have in your hand is space gems.

  • I am just such a curious person.

  • So, when you're holding a piece of moon in your hand,

  • it's not just a piece of moon.

  • It's really symbolic of what we as humans are,

  • which are explorers.

  • When we get inspired, what do we do?

  • We look up.

  • Every star that we see is really

  • one square inch of our own galaxy.

  • So, when something falls on Earth,

  • we have no idea what body it came from.

  • This is a great meteorite.

  • This has 20-plus amino acids,

  • so it's quite likely these amino acids

  • became the foundation for who we are today.

  • So, when someone says we're looking for aliens,

  • all we have to do is look around us.

  • We all could be aliens.

  • This is a great meteorite.

  • The whitest stuff that you see

  • is the earliest part of our universe.

  • And many of these things have formed

  • at the time of the Big Bang.

  • There's no doubt in my mind

  • that space is going to be a next frontier.

  • And it's a very simple reason:

  • every single thing that we value on Earth

  • is in abundance in space.

  • We are just nothing but a tiny pale blue dot.

  • (light pop music)

- You know, many of these meteorites


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不僅僅是石頭收藏。遇見隕石人 (More Than Just a Rock Collection: Meet Meteorite Man)

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