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  • - Every day, I turn off onto an old country road.

  • It's about a mile from the presidents, but you can see 'em.

  • And then you get up to 'em and you stand next to one

  • and you go, "Man, these things are huge!"

  • How many people on Earth can say they got a collection

  • of presidents in their backyard that you can see from space?

  • (playful orchestral music)

  • I know there's JFK. (laughing)

  • I have 43 presidents.

  • And Ronald.

  • These guys weigh approximately 14,000 to 21,000 pounds.

  • These things are huge, aren't they?

  • They've been here for about three years.

  • And through time, they're starting to enjoy being out here.

  • They've got their wildlife.

  • Wow, got a bees' nest.

  • The weeds are growing up and it's amazing; they amaze me.

  • These statues were once a part of a outdoor park.

  • When the original park had closed its doors,

  • I was asked to destroy the presidents

  • and clean the place up.

  • It hit me.

  • I said, "I'm not destroying 'em.

  • "I'm gonna figure out something."

  • The feeling I get from 'em, it's, it's overwhelming.

  • I mean, these guys, they still have strength today

  • that they had when they were alive and forming our country.

  • They mean a lot to me.

  • I wanna bring 'em back to a museum

  • where they can be enjoyed by everybody.

- Every day, I turn off onto an old country road.


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A2 初級 美國腔

拯救(雕刻)總統 (Saving (Sculpted) Presidents)

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