A2 初級 美國腔 120 分類 收藏
- Every radio definitely has its own personality.
This is the boom box your grandmother
or maybe your great-grandmother would have carried around.
This reminds me of a football, actually.
If you live in a split-level house,
this is the radio for you.
This radio has never been opened before,
'cause this one's a breeze.
There's not a whole lot of documentation
that's still around on how to do this.
Its going too red for my liking.
You get them in wrong, the radio blows up.
Sometimes, I work on these radios
for hours and hours and hours,
and just when I think I'm about to give up,
something clicks in my mind and it works.
To me, this radio looks very science fiction like.
This would be like the console of a space ship.
It started off as a hobby and now its become
a little bit more than that.
I have several hundred at any given point.
These radios are found in dumps and garages
and old closets.
There were families that probably sat around these radios
and listened to the first man land on the moon.
FDR's Fireside Chats were probably playing
through these radios.
Digital technology sterilizes music.
Old radios sound a lot more organic,
a lot warmer.
When I repair these radios I feel like
I'm giving them back their old voice.


老式收音機修理工 (The Vintage Radio Repairman)

120 分類 收藏
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