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I'm in a Mercedes AMG S63 and that is a BMW M760li
I'm rear wheel drive, he's all wheel drive
But hey, we're gonna have a drag race anyway
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Right and let's get it on
Good start by me
Little bit of traction issues
He hasn't got any
But it's close
He's gonna take it
That was close though, and it was just down to that little bit of added traction that he had but once I was going
Didn't really really matter there was nothing in it
Now all you non UK viewers may be crying foul and wondering why the heck didn't we use the all-wheel drive s63
Well, we only get the rear wheel drive version here in Britain so sorry about that. Anyway. It was pretty close
the 135 thousand pounds
609 horsepower 6.6
liter v12 BMW covered the standing quarter mile in just eleven point three seconds whereas the
125 thousand pounds
612 horsepower 4-liter v8 Mercedes took eleven point five seconds
To negate the fact that this is two-wheel drive and that is all-wheel drive
Let's have a more realistic race the kind you have out on the road so cruising along
50 miles an hour in comfort mode as you would do you mean sports?
It wouldn't be doing it manual you would be in fully auto comfort mode
cruising someone challenges you and you put your foot down so you want to see how quick the gearboxes respond and
How fast the engines pick up so then it count it in three... two...
one go
My gearbox kicked down a bit faster. What's happening here?
Ohhhhh...This is exciting. I think this Mercedes
Just has the legs over the BMW. It's pulling the lead that's enough of that gonna brake here
That is a win for the Mercedes in terms of the gearbox this seem to kick down a little bit quicker, but then
Dingley on the power so well, but it just seemed to get a lead out
Over that BMW such a strong engine even though the engine on the BMW is about 50% larger in terms of capacity
AMG make brilliant engines
It's a fact
Despite being smaller the AMG's engine actually has 900 Newton meters of torque compared to the BMWs
800 Newton meters
And that's why even though it faltered slightly have to kick down it managed to pull past the BMW so the score is now one all
Time for the decider right now it's time for a brake test from 70 miles an hour
So you just hold it at 70 when we hit the cone full emergency stop see what happens
That is so close I'm gonna have to get out to see I'm gonna have to get out to see
You know what I think that is win just about for the BMW
So close though they could be reaction time error, but you have to hand it to the BMW at 2.2 tonnes
It's 200 kilograms heavier than the Mercedes so did well to beat it in that brake test
which means overall the M760 wins 2 to 1
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轎跑車試駕影片 (BMW vs Benz) (Mercedes-AMG S63 vs BMW M760 - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST | Head-to-Head)

270 分類 收藏
MikeCC 發佈於 2019 年 11 月 1 日
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