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  • Strap in, Marvel fans there's more Thor in store.

  • Per The Hollywood Reporter, a fourth Thor film is in the works.

  • The good news?

  • Thor: Ragnarok filmmaker Taika Waititi is officially on board to write and direct Thor

  • 4, meaning that he can continue imbuing the film series with his signature humor, eccentric

  • wit, and snappy dialogue.

  • "This doesn't make any sense.

  • No, nothing makes sense here, man.

  • The only thing that does make sense is that nothing makes sense."

  • The bad news?

  • Waititi singing on for another Thor film means that the live-action adaptation of Akira is

  • now on hold but if you've been following the development of that movie at all, what

  • else is new, right?

  • A feature film translation of Katsuhiro Otomo's manga of the same name, Akira has been in

  • development for years, experiencing an upswing in May 2019 when Waititi boarded as its director

  • and co-writer.

  • After since 2002 to get the movie off the ground, studio Warner Bros. finally scheduled

  • it to debut in theaters on May 21, 2021.

  • Prior to joining Thor 4, Waititi was said to be testing actors in a talent search that

  • spanned the globe, and things seemed to be finally moving forward for Akira.

  • Unfortunately, the film is on an indefinite hold now that Waititi is focusing on Thor

  • 4, which will reportedly rub shoulders with Akira's planned production start date.

  • With the two start dates for filming now being so close to each other, it seems there's no

  • way Waititi could feasibly work on both projects.

  • It's unclear what will happen to Akira while Waititi is writing and directing Thor 4, but

  • THR has reported that Warner Bros. intends to keep Waititi attached to the project, apparently

  • on a long-term basis.

  • Executives are reportedly hoping that Waititi will re-commit to Akira after he wraps the

  • new Thor movie.

  • Fortunately for everyone, Chris Hemsworth is lined up to reprise his role as the Asgardian

  • god of thunder who underwent a drastic transformation in Avengers: Endgame.

  • Thor's evolution from a cocky, arrogant hero with little regard for those around him to

  • a kind-hearted, empathetic, funny guy who overcomes personal struggles has impressed

  • viewers but the new physique he sported in Endgame left fans divided.

  • Some loved "fat Thor," while others hated him.

  • He never did shed any weight in Endgame, last appearing in the film with his beer belly

  • and shaggy hair firmly intact, and Hemsworth couldn't be happier about that.

  • He told Variety:

  • "I feel like we've opened up such a different character.

  • I feel more energized for the possibility of where it could go."

  • Endgame came to a close with Thor appointing Valkyrie as the protector of New Asgard, then

  • joining the Guardians of the Galaxy on their mission to locate Gamora.

  • It's believed that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which has director James Gunn back

  • on board, will focus on the Guardians as they track down their green-skinned teammate, with

  • Thor possibly in the mix as well as an ally, or even new member of the team.

  • What happens in that film could influence the story of Thor 4.

  • But with Marvel Studios' fourth phase of the MCU being so shrouded in mystery, we truly

  • have zero idea what will happen in either film.

  • What's interesting about Thor 4 is that it's the first instance in which an original Avenger

  • is continuing their standalone franchise beyond a trilogy.

  • Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. and Captain America star Chris Evans each had three solo

  • films in addition to crossover ensembles, and both retired their characters with Avengers:

  • Endgame.

  • "I am Iron Man."

  • This development begs a rather juicy question: did Chris Hemsworth extend his contract to

  • more solo movies?

  • How many Marvel films did he commit to?

  • It's all very exciting to think about, as Hemsworth's Thor has become one of the most

  • charismatic and naturally hilarious heroes in the MCU, arguably only becoming a serious

  • fan-favorite after his jokier characterization in Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok.

  • We wouldn't mind a couple more Thor-featuring flicks, and we doubt any other fans would

  • either.

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Strap in, Marvel fans there's more Thor in store.


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