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  • Don't let a flight delay ruin your holiday.


  • Get familiar with your consumer rights, as you may be able to claim compensation if you find yourself stuck at departures.


  • If your flight is departing from an EU Airport or is on an EU-based airline,


  • the denied boarding regulation means you're entitled to free assistance if your flight is due to arrive at its destination more than two hours late.


  • This includes phone calls and free meals and drinks as appropriate to the delay.

    包括免費撥打電話、餐點及飲料 (符合延遲時間的份量)。

  • You're also entitled to free accommodation and airport transfers if you have to wait overnight.


  • For delays of three hours, you'll get free assistance plus up to 400 euros in compensation, as long as the delay wasn't caused by extraordinary circumstances.

    只要不是特殊情況造成,滿三小時的延誤,您也能獲得免費協助,並獲得最高 400 歐元賠償。

  • If you're four hours later or more, you could claim as much as 600 euros compensation plus free assistance.

    如果遲了四小時或更久,可以申請高達 600 歐元賠償,外加免費援助。

  • If you reach the five hour mark, you're then entitled to be re-routed on a different flight or refunded.


  • We're asking the government to make sure these rights continue post-Brexit.


  • So, when the departures noticeboard gives you grief, take a deep breath and explore your options.


  • To find out how much you can claim, check out our flight delay calculator tool.


Don't let a flight delay ruin your holiday.


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