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  • It's said that History repeats itself.

  • Meaning the disaster we caused 600-years-ago...

  • ... might repeat itself.

  • And I have a feeling, that I'll get screwed again.

  • Harry.

  • How do you know?

  • I don't know.

  • - Long live... - The King!

  • All three princesses will choose their groom in a grand ceremony.

  • And from the kingdom of Madhavgarh...

  • Prince Bala Dev Singh.

  • From which mouth can I thank you?

  • Do it from this mouth.

  • Amazing, Master Bangdu.

  • God Bless you.

  • God Bless you.

  • Come to me!

  • He's the royal bodyguard of Sitamgarh.

  • Dharamputra.

  • I am not carrying my royal sword today.

  • We are.

  • Where is it?

  • What else are you hiding down in the cellar?

  • "Sweetheart..."

  • "Sweetheart..."

  • "Sweetheart, where are you going leaving me behind?"

  • Disperse.

  • Curse you.

  • Revenge!

  • God made me remember everything...

  • ... so I can help everyone remember their true love.

  • We've been reincarnated.

  • You just smashed them to pieces.

  • Tomorrow you're marrying my sister and today you are trying to kiss me!

  • This is your reincarnation.

  • You're right, I was born in this nation.

  • No, you've been reincarnated.

  • You're my husband, I am your wife.

  • Shower me with your love, or I will tear your apart.

  • No! You're my sister-in-law! Close your curtains!

  • Pervert.

  • Reincarnation... previous life... I'm not understanding a thing you're saying!

  • Let me explain.

  • Hey... I'll explain this time. You always do the explaining.

  • His wife is not really his wife...

  • She is your wife.

  • And my wife is not really my wife...

  • She is his wife.

  • And our sister-in-law.

  • And your wife is not really your wife...

  • She is my wife.

  • Are we marrying our wives or sisters-in-law?

  • Sometimes I feel that I am God.

  • Try to remember, 600-years-ago.

  • You're a dancer. A clown.

  • - Yes. And you're a donkey's... - Hey...



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