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  • -And now, President Donald Trump.

  • [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you.

  • Thank me. Thank me very much.

  • You're all very happy that I'm here at the United Nations.

  • I mean, wow.

  • Just look at all of the room full of

  • diverse cultures and ethnicities.

  • Seriously, it's like the scariest college brochure

  • I've ever seen.

  • But I know what you're all thinking --

  • it's so great to be here with me

  • for the last 4 to 6 hours of my presidency.

  • Who knew?

  • You make one phone call blackmailing a foreign leader,

  • and everyone acts like you

  • made one phone call blackmailing a foreign leader.

  • I guess it's like the old saying.

  • Collude once, shame on you.

  • Collude twice, why not collude a third time?

  • But now it looks like my whistle's been blown,

  • and not in the good way.

  • It was a low-down blow-down.

  • And now I'll have to face off against America's

  • least-fun grandma, Nancy Pelosi.

  • That's right -- Nancy's gone totally Ukraine in the membrane.

  • But, luckily, she has no evidence against me --

  • only calls and transcripts and the fist pump

  • I just gave the Ukrainian president on my way up here.

  • Hey, what's up, buddy?

  • But unfairly for me, Ukraine isn't my only

  • big no-no this week.

  • Apparently, people are still mad because I left

  • yesterday's climate summit after just 15 minutes.

  • But, honestly, folks, how do you expect me to believe

  • in global warming when they just filmed

  • the second "Frozen" movie?

  • [ Cheers and applause ]

  • I mean, seriously, let it go.

  • But, anyway, back to "The Witch Hunt: Season 3."

  • I just want to -- All my supporters --

  • I want them all to just relax, okay?

  • Because as hard as people try to impeach me,

  • I'll always be one step ahead of them,

  • trying to impeach me harder.

  • But, anyway, in collusion...

  • [ Cheers and applause ]

  • ...America's the greatest country on Earth,

  • Ukraine owes me a serious fave,

  • and you might call it climate change,

  • but I call it Hot Girl Summer.

  • Oh, and one more thing.

  • "The Tonight Show" is coming to you live from New York City!

  • Let's start the show, baby! Come on!

  • [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

-And now, President Donald Trump.


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特朗普在聯合國發佈彈劾新聞 (Trump Addresses Impeachment News at UN)

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