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  • - People always think young people can't do stuff

  • and young people always have to be silent and quiet

  • but it's not, 'cause look at me,

  • I'm doing so well right now.

  • - Oh my god, that's a really hard question.

  • - I think it's important 'cause we know ourselves

  • way better than anyone else so I think

  • writing our songs, our own songs,

  • is very important to express AB6IX to the audience.

  • So we write songs, all day, all night.

  • - No it's not, it's perfect.

  • - Yeah, really good, yeah.

  • - They always do, and I feel it.

  • So I try harder to break that image

  • of youngest person in the group.

  • I hope other young people would stand up for themselves.

  • ("Breathe" by AB6IX playing)

- People always think young people can't do stuff


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AB6IX的創作、第一首歌詞和讓他們開心的事情|MTV新聞網 (AB6IX on Songwriting, First Lyrics & What Makes Them Happy | MTV News)

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