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  • Today, on Strange Everything Akira Toriyama Draws Looks The Same Manga Friday, we see

  • one of his creations that wasn't Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, Dragon Ball, Dr. Slump, Blue

  • Dragon... dude freakin' loves dragons, huh. Anyway. This isn't any of those, it's Go!

  • Go! Ackman 3 for the Super Famicom, which pretty much no one outside of Japan has heard

  • of. Maybe it's because it's fifty-five pages long. The whole of it, 11 one-shot chapters

  • in some serialized manga monthly, five pages each. That's it. And all that ended up covered

  • in the first of the three Go! Go! Ackman games. It should speak for itself, then, that the

  • games managed to pull their weight well enough for two more entries in the series, encompassing

  • all-new material. Like this battalion of Angel Police, led by this... um... leather daddy.

  • So! That's what the angels in this game look like. The devils, on the other hand... well,

  • dude's almost indistinguishable from Trunks, let's face it. Ackman there's a people-killing,

  • soul-collecting, soul-selling demon maniac who's constantly stymied by the cherubic (there's

  • a word you don't get to use every day) Tenshi-kun, who's been deposed by that aforementioned

  • burly chap and forced into an uncomfortable alliance with his mortal enemy. So begins

  • what could've been a bad buddy-cop movie, but in fact manifests itself as a freakin'

  • awesome platformer, pretty much the platonic ideal of what I look for in a 16-bit game.

  • It's got colorful levels, strange-looking enemies, upgradable and diverse weapons, boss

  • battles that are part pattern recognition, part trying to not to laugh too hard at the

  • absurdity, and you've even got a little demon-bat-dude who collects the souls you wrest from those

  • who oppose you!

  • Ackman there - or Tenshi, in certain areas - can wield swords, guns, and boomerangs,

  • pitch screen-clearing bombs if things get too hairy, swing with a low kick, or pull

  • a Mega Man-style slide. Really, you add a fishing line and some rubber-band physics

  • and you've got the best game ever conceived. Barring that, there's some significant nuance

  • to the mechanics beyond just running, jumping, and climbing ladders; enemies can rush in

  • from offscreen pretty quickly and are best anticipated by audio cues (though, realistically,

  • they're best met with projectile weapons but that's on another page). The whole thing is

  • filled with a sense of absurdity, from leather daddy on down, with shark stepping stones

  • and weird Opa-Opa-looking angelic police vehicle bosses and whatnot. Plus, Tenshi-kun's power

  • of flight opens up a diversification in the gameplay that breaks the mold of the standard

  • action platformer, especially when you need to get that power-up off a high place. That

  • said, though, there seem to be a number of tricks that trivialize parts of the game,

  • like this spot on a particular boss where you're out of range of oncoming fire.

  • I hesitate to bring up this dude, who looks like a Clancer straight out of Mischief Makers

  • but can apparently be duped into using the same attack over and over again by standing

  • the correct distance away from him. I'm willing to accept those, though, as I found them myself...

  • and honestly, who's going to stop me? While I'm not a huge fan of the "Sweet Jesus, everything

  • looks indistinguishable from Dragon Ball" aesthetic, I will begrudgingly add Go! Go!

  • Ackman 3 to my "Awesome stuff" shelf right between Dragon Quest VIII and Chrono Trigger.

  • And then in front of those, I'll put Persona 4 and Catherine and Trauma Center.

Today, on Strange Everything Akira Toriyama Draws Looks The Same Manga Friday, we see


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CGR Undertow - GO!GO!ACKMAN 3超級主機評測 (CGR Undertow - GO! GO! ACKMAN 3 review for Super Famicom)

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