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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Noun Phrase 128. The noun phrase today is
"bosom buddy. " Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. All right. A bosom buddy is a
close friend often ones closest friend, especially one you feel that you can
trust. Okay. Let's continue. The term bosom friend dates all the way back to the
1500s. Yes the word bosom did refer to chest just like it still refers to chest
today. At that time, it was believed to be the place where one's deepest emotions
were. So I mean today we know probably your deepest emotions really in your
brain. But at that time you know , even though we still associate one's heart
with one's emotions but really they thought in your chest that's where your
deepest emotions were. That's where they really believed they were at that time. A
bosom friend was probably your closest friend to whom you would share your
deepest emotions with. So this is how this phrase came about. That's why they
called it your bosom friend or basically our bosom buddy. Okay. Let's continue.
Nowadays bosom is mostly used to refer to a woman's chest. Yeah. I mean you could
say that. You could say you know , that woman has a big bosom. You could say it
in that way. It's kind of formal though. Well let's continue.
However bosom buddy is used in kind of a humorous way. I think we use it with
children a lot. Like if you got two kids that you know, they're, they're really
good buddies. They're very close. We might say they are bosom buddies. It really
could be anybody. There was a sitcom in the 1980s called
"Bosom Buddies" in which Tom Hanks was first noticed before his movie career.
Yeah. A lot of people may not remember this. It's going way back to the 1980s. He
wasn't famous as a movie star yet. This is the first time I had ever seen him. He was
on a TV show. I think the TV show probably only last
a few years and then when he left that, that's when his movie career started . I
think "Splash" was the first big movie he was in. And his you know, his career more
or less took off after that. It was about two close friends that were willing to
pretend and dress like women in order to get cheap housing in New York City in a
building that was exclusive to women. So it kind of had a double meaning here. They
were really truly very close friends. So it had the first meaning but of course
they had to dress like women too. So they had to pretend to have breasts and
things like that. I don't know would you really do that just to get cheap housing ?
But anyway it was meant to be a funny TV show. So situations would always pop up
where they're supposed to be pretending to be women. But of course you know,
they're underneath those clothes they're really men. All right. Anyway , let's
look at a couple of examples that we would hear it used today. Example number
one. These two have been bosom buddies ever since childhood. Yeah. Maybe they
were childhood friends. They grew up and they still stayed friends. The whole time
or number two here. I would trust her with my deepest feelings. She is my bosom
buddy You could say it that way too. Okay.
Anyway I hope you got it. I hope it is clear. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Noun Phrase (128) Bosom Buddy

22 分類 收藏
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